my nephew jack

It's early and everyone is sleeping in the house. Sleeping HOT I should add, because our air conditioner is broken. We've known for over a week that it was broken and we've shared this with our husband. But let's not go there. No, let's not.

It's a happy weekend. I woke up early to finsh kelley's wedding and to clean a kitchen that has not seen the bottome of the sink in about a week. I like getting up before eveyone else in the morning. It's a good time of day for Moms.

The picture is Jack. My nephew. I'm praying today that his heart be filled with the gracious, loving spirit of our Lord and Savior. Instead of that mean nasty, greedy one that was present at the mall last night. Goodness, Emily! Don't you ever take this little booger shopping? If the answer to that question is NO, I completely understand why. My Lord...I should be praying for Emily more than Jack.

I must tell you about dinner last night. After the mall, we decided we were hungry and we went to eat. How Jack managed to entertain us all with his charming stories of Galveston and the Hilton's elevator, while at the same time, managing to shovel in a rather massive plateful of lasagne, is beyond me! He can literally talk for hours. Which is both amusing and exhausting at the same time. I enjoyed our dinner date immensely and Jack? Well, he found out that artichoke spinach dip is really not about the spinach.

toast @ dinner to rootbeers and Grandpa Ellzey.