Regan + John, A Wedding at Horshoe Bay, Texas

I'm still recovering. My thighs hurt, my feet hurt, my face is swollen from the EXTRA pollen it sucked in all weekend and I'm still dreaming and hearing tunes in my head. But I'm home. And pouring through the images from John and Regan's wedding this past weekend. Gosh! So much to share! Maybe I can bullet them for now so I can remember always the little tidbits over the weekend.

  • bad hairdo's
  • spa ladies that stay stoned
  • guys that golf very well
  • beautiful cake that is SUPREME
  • opinions on weddings here vs overseas
  • Hawaiian Expressions you can share with a couple
  • stuffed Cardinals
  • pecan pie from the local bakery
  • deer grazing while you golf
  • expansive views of nothing but blue skies

I'm sure there's more, but I know people are ready to view the "sneak peek", so I'm jumping on in!

The dress was perfect. Perfect for Regan and perfect for the occasion. Not too formal, but definitely special all the same and I thought it was perfect that she wore the same veil as her sister, Kelsey. I love things like that. My sister wore my gown and sisters are very close indeed.

Which brings me to whacked out hair do's. Regan and Kelsey do not live near each other anymore and they were definitely looking forward to enjoying their weekend together. Kelsey even put her hair appointment early in the day so she could be free for her sister.

4 hours later, and I ain't joking!!!! 4 hours later she showed up, almost in tears, those flowed freely later, with plastered on product and side do that was a side don't. HORRIBLE!!!! But a salon in Marble Falls saved the day and got her to the church on time and she looked wonderful!!!

Talk about your drama. Capital D.

Above is Ally. (I hope I'm spelling that right.) She's an amazing hair designer that just happens to be John's (the groom's) sister. She was doing Regan's hair for the day, but didn't plan on everyone's. But when the horrible do happened, she jumped right on in there and worked hard to create some beautiful looks. Great job! Ladies, I think she's in the Ft. Worth area. Not sure. But oh, can she create!

I always like to play with the rings while the bride is getting ready. Gosh, a girl loves diamonds!! Even if they aren't her own. LOL

Checking the make-up.

LOVE the bling on this jacket! Too cool. :)

I can NOT believe we were not facebook friends! I had blogged the rehearsal dinner from the night before and posted some images on facebook. I couldn't tag her in the photos because, HELLO! We are NOT friends. So, wild how times have changed. She's looking at them on my phone.

Okay. There are other photos of the "messed up do", but this was taken in the hallway before Kelsey made her mad dash to town to try and fix the disaster. OM gosh. Tears quickly followed. Can you see the grease? I can not believe this was a spa resort and they produced that.

Poor Kelsey. But I must say, girl looked HOT about 45 minutes later. BAM!

Photogs, you know how when a girl is getting dressed, she always holds her chest as they zip up the gown? This is the obligatory shot of that. LOL She was trying to read a note from John. A handwritten note! I was so impressed. Not a card, but an honest to goodness hand written note. John won the brownie points that day for sure.

Wonder what it said?

I LOVE the shot above. It was made immediately after that first kiss!

The church has a great area behind it that was just perfect for the couple's shots. It's not quite finished landscaping wise, so other than choosing creative angles, it was beautiful!

The Cake!!! Definitely a show stopper! Gorgeous!

First dances are GREAT! I LOVE THEM!

This little guy was a running theme this weekend.

Beautiful night for a celebration!

I LOVE this shot above as well. A really great moment between Regan's mom and dad. Makes me smile.

The BAND ROCKED!!!! One of the BEST I've ever heard. San Antonio based, these guys are great. If you are planning a party any time soon in the area, call them.

Here's their website.


Another great moment! They had just said goodbye to some relatives and stopped on the way back to the reception for a moment. LOVE THIS!!!!

Thank you, John and Regan. Have a wonderful time in Hawaii!!!

If you'd like to view a cute slideshow (with a misspelled name...geez...)



Sarah and Jake, the wedding

Yep. There's the MRS. :)

This wedding was so much fun! I'm so in love with couples in love, it's almost sickening. And the way Jake looks at Sarah? It melts my heart. Completely melts it. Which is good, because this past weekend was COLD!

Here's the sneak peek from Sarah and Jake's wedding. As always, there's more on their wedding gallery.

You will be prompted for a passcode. It's the bride and groom's last names, smushed together.

Just check out these adorable babies! HELLO! Pure cuteness! They were the MOST excellent wedding party tag alongs EVER.

Sarah's ring was beautiful! As was her dress below. The satin was smooth and silky and just so so pretty.

Gotta have the bridal do standard, obligatory photo. OH! I'll share some of Sarah's bridal's now that she's married. She blew up my FAVORITE photo for display at her wedding. Just wait to you see it. She will KNOCK your socks off!

So many happy smiles that day. And the flowers she chose for the day were just perfect for the style of the church and their wedding. GIRLS, when choosing flowers, think about the style of your church and YOU. It should reflect both so it looks like part of the day, only better. Make it adore the church and you, blend to beautiful perfection.



This is Chris and Emilie. He married the couple which was perfect. And below is THE MAN! Totally dark and handsome with a smile that is just so darn charming.

The shot above was in the bride's room just moments before Sarah walked down the aisle. We were all loud and giggling and there was split second where the door fell open and there was JAKE. YIPES for old church doors and floors. He didn't see her, but she was perfectly calm and serene. Just a beauty!

Remember what I said about those looks? Golly!

Yes, I have a kiss during the ceremony, but the kiss you have of just you and him and THE WORLD is just divine!

Next we took a short drive out to the cold country and wound up in a way cool Old Texas Dance Hall where we stayed warm by two stepping, waltzing and of course, a GRAND MARCH. What a wedding!

I had to include a photo of Kim and Beau. They have a new little one, Haden, I hope I'm spelling it right. Kim is Chris's (the minister and BIL) sister and I photographed her wedding a couple of years ago.

Kim also has a wonderful blog just full on insights in to the life and heart of a Christian Woman. I love reading it!

This place was too cool, I'm telling you! Too cool!

Congratulations you two! I hope you are staying warm and close and laughing alot on your HONEYMOON!

Kelsey and Rebel (the rehearsal)

Okay, so I'm testing out a new camera through, and after listening to what I needed sports wise, photography wise, Paul suggest the Canon EOS 7d. Fast frames per second to get great shots of BB and such.

I haven't gotten to test it for games, but I brought it last night to Kelsey and Rebel's rehearsal to see how it would do up against the harsh elements of a wedding. Of course it was night and dark, but that's the majority of weddings we shoot here in Lubbock, so I pushed the iso to the limits of the camera and I have to say, was not pleased. Way too much noise compared to the 5d's.

The verdict is still out as to whether this will be my next purchase. I really want more frames per second than what the 5d has to offer. I would love THIS CAMERA. But unless I want to be living on the street, it just ain't gonna happen. Okay, I'm not gonna say that. You never know what life will throw at you and if I work hard and keep my eye on the goal, maybe, huh?

Anyway, here's some shots from last night's rehearsal. Fun group for sure! I can't wait to meet them at the salon later today.


Facebook, blog, facebook, blog. I remember the days when a blog is all we had to socially network. Now it seems second fiddle to something as easy breezy and "take it with you" facebook. I had posted these photographs of the wedding on facebook, but forgot the blog baby. I can't forget the blog, so here they are! The sneak peek from Andrew and Brittani's wedding last weekend in Amarillo. ON THE BLOG!

Of course, there's many more on their Wedding Gallery.

I shot with wedding with Toni Daniel and had such a great time. Things are always more fun with Toni, I'm telling you and I'm serious BRIDES OF KRISTIN TO BE, if you are wanting double the coverage, really think about adding 2nd shooter coverage to your wedding collection. It's definitely a win! Especially on the dance floor. HA!

We started the day with the girls at the church. We had a spacious room so everyone could be together just enjoying the day. In cute adorable robes, I might add. One of these weddings, I'm going to show up in my pj's and robe. I'm thinking that's the way to work.

Brittani's shoes were perfect for her. From the minute I saw them at the bridal, I knew I loved them and if I could have squeezed my rather large duck feet into them, they would have made it back to Lubbock in my shootsac. I'm just saying. They were ADORABLY sexy! And she rocked them all night long!

I love this image of Brittani applying her makeup. She's got the perfect bridal lips!

Miss B couldn't sit still. I think she steamed all the BM's dresses, tied their bow, steamed her dress and veil and worked the room like a pro. Yep. She's got it all under control.

Toni snagged this bad boy bouquet shot. LOVE IT!

While I was shooting the girls, Toni was watching boys dress in stuff they never wear. It's quite comical sometimes. I think Andrew may have pulled a chest hair or something.

This shot was made with the 100 2.8 macro and some yummy window light. Thank you Mother Nature. She always lights things the BEST!


STUUUUUUUD mini MUUUUUUUUFin! He couldn't quit looking at Cinderella. How about that faux hawk?


What's better than your dad walking you down the aisle? TWO Dad's rocking the job. That's what.

Loved the stained glass in this church.

II bet her cheeks hurt the next day. Brittani was so joyfully happy! Just the way I like a bride. :)

They both said I do! We were getting ahead of the crowd for a minute or two before we walked back in for formals. Most of my couples choose not to see each other before. And that's fine. You can always find time to make the shots if you stay close to the couple. Sure, it's nice to have hours to set things up and get purty pictures, but seriously? If there's a will, there's a way. And I'm pretty darn adamant that your wedding day should be planned YOUR WAY. I'm just along for the ride.

Mother Nature does so many things right.

This sweet shot was made before they entered their reception. There are so many moments in a wedding day where they wait. So why not go have a mini-make out session with your HUBBY. We had some sweet light so we took advantage of it.

During the toasts, I stayed on the couple, Toni shot the speech makers and merriment coordinators.

Simplicity can be so darn elegant.

Melt my heart and call my dad. These shots make me miss him so much.

Heart strings, PULLING! Love this one of Andrew and his mom. :)

I seriously think Andrew and Brittani could have enjoyed this reception without one single guest. Just give 'em a cake and some music and the PARTY starts. LOL

Oh, yeah. This is Toni.


Ever heard of This IS PHOTOBOMB? This is me trying to work my submission. Okay, so sometimes, this site shows objectionable material. But many times, it shows LMBO shots that get your giggle going and makes you happy. That's the kind of shot I was going for. I know, needs work.

Better? Hey, party people? Next time I'm out on the dance floor with you peoples? FACE CHECK. Okay?

The Jimmy Stadler Band ROCKED THE HOUSE!

I always like to find a shot for each couple that sets the mood for the reception and gives them a moment to breathe. Usually it's during the bands break. We ran outside the country club and snagged this lovely YUMMY love shot.

Who knew chair covers were so multi-functioning?

Toni's version of Andrew's massive dance bomb and below is mine. Oh, yeah! ROCK IT BABY!

So darn cool. I LOVE paper exits!

And they lived Happily Ever After!

LUBBOCK WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: Andrew and Brittani's rehearsal

After the luncheon, Toni and I went shopping and I must say, DILLARD's in Amarillo has the BEST deals on shoes! At least they did that day. I'm wearing the pair of suede blue blowfish shoes I bought that day and I adore! Thank you, Toni for pointing them out. Toni's is a good friend of mine that happens to be a photographer. Brittani and Andrew chose a 2nd photog for their collection and they will be so glad they did. I can handle a wedding on my own, no problem. I've been doing this for years folks. YEARS. I won't say how many because I will fill old an frumpy and that is NOT the way I feel when looking at these images.

Brittani and Andrew's rehearsal was wonderful. A beautiful night, just enough nip in the air to make you want to squeeze your sweetie. The restaurant had wonderful light for us to play with and we had AWESOME dinner guests! You guys rocked the sarcasm and kept the laughs coming. You know who you are and more of your great dance moves on the wedding sneak peek. LOL

If you are thinking of adding a 2nd photographer to your wedding collection, I would highly recommend it. You get 2 point of views, 2 different stories of your day. One stays with the bride and the other goes with the groom, so pre-formals are a breeze and move quickly. It's your day and you want to spend it with the people you love. So think of 2nd coverage shooting if you have a busy day with events for both you and your guy.

off soap box and onto the images!

The shot above is of Brittani and her 2 dads rehearsing that walk down the aisle! Such a great moment!


Oh, the fun you can have with hats! Brittani and Andrew got married this past weekend in a BIG AMARILLO WEDDING! It was so much fun! And I'm dying to show you all the photos, but first, we have to start with the luncheon.

I wish I had a copy of the invite to show you! "Breakfast at Tiffany's" theme and oh, so precious! And when you see the last photo of Miss B? (the one at the end) her hat is a preview of some very fabulous bridal shoes!


LUBBOCK WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: Ashley + Logan got married!

Church: Lakeridge First United Methodist
Flowers: who else? College Flowers of course!
Hair: Cathy's Clippers

I'm late posting this fabulous sneak peek, but the flu has hit Slaton, USA and I'm covering for sick employees at our Video Store in Slaton. So, today, FINALLY, Ashley and Logan's sneak peek!

I first met Ashley when I photographed her bridal, which I will definitely need to show you. She's tiny, with a HUGE Audrey Heburn vibe, and just a classic feel about her. LOVE LOVE LOVED photographing her bridal, so to spend the ENTIRE day with her Saturday as a visual treat.

I shot this one with Toni Daniel and as usual we had SO SO SO much fun! I LOVE YOU Toni! Many weddings benefit greatly from a 2nd shooter and this one was no exception. Toni spent part of the day with the guys playing paintball and taking one for the WEDDING TEAM, ha! And she went early to the reception before the guests showed up to capture all the beauiful details of Ashley and Logan's reception at the Fabulous BAKER BUILDING! LOVED it!

It was so much fun running into friendly faces that I've shot and danced with before. Just felt like a great GRAND party! And with popcorn! Oh, my gosh, I forgot to talk about the popcorn. I made my self sick. SICK, I'm telling you. YUM!

Of course, many more images available on their wedding gallery and facebook, so go and tag yourself!

Thank you, Ashley and Kathy. I had such a wonderful time!

Church: Lakeridge First United Methodist
Flowers: who else? College Flowers of course!
Hair: Cathy's Clippers

LUBBOCK WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: Marci and Steven got married! September 25, 2009

September 25, 2009

Marci Hamilton + Steven Brosch
church: St. Joseph Catholic Church, Slaton, Texas USA
reception: St. Joseph Hall
dress: David's Bridal
hair: Ashley Pinson
makeup: Gracyn (see photo below.... she wears diapers!)
flowers: Deann Funderburk
music: The Rex Thomas
cakes: Slaton Bakery

What a wedding!!! Friday, Steven and Marci got married. You may remember them from HERE. Adorable, laid back couple, country in style, with fabulous jewlery taste. Well, I've known Steven's family FOREVER, so when I found out he was getting married, the baby brother of a family of all sisters, well, I just had to meet his bride. Add to the fact that I've photographed Deann and Kathleen's weddings!

Deann and Jason
Kathleen and Kyle

So, Marci and I had lunch forever ago, and I instantly LOVED her! She told me about her laid back wedding plans and how shes didn't want alot of fuss. Just wanted a good celebration with family and friends. Well, that's exactly what she got! We had so much fun!

Enjoy the sneak peek and as always, more on their wedding gallery!

(password is bride and groom's last names, smushed together)

LUBBOCK WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: August 22, 2009 Blackmon Larez Wedding

I had the chance to get this up and on the blog before MEET THE PIRATES. YIPEE! I loved working with Rebecca and Sergio and to make it even BETTER, they wanted 2nd shooter coverage of their day and I brought in my best friend, who just happens to be a damn good shooter, Toni Spray of Toni Daniel Photography. I LOVE shooting with Toni! Mainly because she works my abs with laughter, but also because I know I can depend on her to "get the job done".

Our images are shown here together, and I will try and let you know who's is who's.

I started the day off with Rebecca at her parent's home. It was great! Breakfast, good conversation, some ribbon tying of the favors, which happened to be Snickerdoodles on crack! HA! I got to eat the broken ones. YUM! Toni? She chilled with the guys at Putt Putt. We met up later at the Merket and got our groove going!

KB: the dress! I love Rebecca's dress! Hot and sexy, body hugging and beautiful!

KB: She was doing the table seating while getting hair and makeup done. Such a Kelly Rippa! HA! Multi-tasking at it's best.

KB: Beautiful curls!

The fabulous Shirley from Celebrations! LOVED the bright, tropical color scheme that Rebecca went with.

And the boys? Yeah, bring on the PUT PUT! Toni went with the guys and hung with them for the day. Not sure if there was a hole in one, or even if they were keeping score.

LOVE this HOT shot of Sergio that Toni got! Rebecca? Your man is looking good!

And Rebecca? Not sure what she was doing! HA!

They were actually married for REAL on a ship far, far away in the ocean. Okay, so it was Galveston or Houston, not sure which, but it sounds much more romantic to say "far far away", so of course they saw each other before this ceremony. I LOVE the light in this one!

What a hunk!

What a BRIDE! Beautiful!

It's great having a 2nd shooter because they capture you in action! Check me out. NINJA Photographer! I need to work on the loud laugh.

The light was beautiful that day! HOT but beautiful!

This is what was so AWESOME! Rebecca and several of her family and friends performed a choreographed routine to Thriller! They had been working on it BEFORE MJ passed, I think, and it was so much fun!


Beautiful memories and a beautiful night! Thank you Rebecca and Sergio for being such wonderful wedding hosts! Toni and I had a BLAST!

To view more of their images, CLICK HERE. Also, you can view more photos by becoming a fan of my facebook page,

LUBBOCK WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: August 22, 2009 Blackmon Larez Wedding

Isn't it lovely? Just beautiful.

Sergio and Rebecca were married, AGAIN, this weekend at the Texas Tech Alumni Center, The Merkett. It was a beautiful day and beautiful people!

I'm out the door in a flash to go to Meet the Pirates. This blog post is WAY over due, so hang tight and late tonight, come back for some more. MUCH MORE! HELLO! Rebecca, if you see this, with Toni and I shooting away and having fun, BLOG OVERLOAD!

Stay tuned...

Laurie + Austin (the wedding) at Pilot Point, TX

I'm home. EXHAUSTED! But I have to hit the ground running, because there's so many beautiful images to see! LOL

Laurie and Austin had a very HOT but definitely fabulous wedding in Pilot Point, Saturday, August 1, 2009. We were praying the rain would stay away, and it did, but unfortunately they didn't have enough wind to dry off the area for all the chairs. But Laurie and her mom were great about it and simply improvised and rolled on. I love that!

When Laurie stepped out to see Austin, her walk down the aisle of stairs dragged the veil off her head. No worries, just leave it and roll on. That she did! Beaming the entire time, so ready to be Mrs. Austin Adkins!

Congratulations you two! Of course more on your wedding gallery online!

Laurie + Austin (the rehearsal)

Beautiful place, I'm telling you. BEAUTIFUL! Hot yes, but it's worth it for vistas and views like this. I have so much to share from this weekend. So much. But sleep first. I'm in Dallas and just got back from Laurie + Austin's wedding, which I will blog Monday, but I had never written anything after I posted these rehearsal photos.

I have an e-session tomorrow that should be AWESOME! So excited about all the possibilities of shooting in downtown and around.

Also, WE ARE MOVING on Tuesday! So, if I'm hard to get a hold of, THIS IS WHY. But other than that, enjoy the rehearsal sneak peek. :)

This is Dexter rockin' the faux-hawk. LOVE these kids! They are so adorable.

Beautiful location for a wedding, I must say. And after getting to know these two a bit, I think it's perfect.

Lots of laughs, and sweet Laurie has a laugh that barrels out of her and surprises you! I loved it!

Oh, the beautiful pictures we will take tomorrow. I can't wait!!!

It seems like more and more rehearsals feature a cheesy slideshow and it's quickly becoming my favorite part of shooting rehearsals. FYI, if you are having a wedding that require travels by me, I include rehearsal dinner coverage at no extra charge. Just my way of saying thanks. After-all, out of town couples pay my traveling expenses, so the least I can do, is start to get to know everyone better.

Paige + John (the wedding)

What a great weekend! I spent it in Tulsa watching these two get hitched! How fun! I went to school with Paige and John and we reconnected on facebook and when they reconnected, they RECONNECTED in a big way! They got married! How awesome for them and how awesome for me because I got to go "back to school" and visit with my BF's. (more on that later)

The wedding was held at another high school buddy, Bill's house and him and Amy were awesome hosts! Their yard was perfect and everyone had such a great time!

Enjoy the sneak peek!

Emily + Hayden (the wedding)

Emily and Hayden got married Saturday! And I cried. Yep. I did fine through the ceremony, even though looking at her dad would cause my throat to develop this huge burning lump, I held it together. BUT at the reception? When Christopher (her brother) sang a song that him and Emily wrote, while she danced with her dad? I lost it! Totally lost it and my eyes burned and blurred and I kept the camera close to my face and shot away.

What a wedding! Lots of surprises! Lots of fun and such great memories! I love Slaton weddings because 9 times out of 10, my family is there as well. So it was great to see them hit the dance floor and shake their groove thangs!

Of course there's more on their gallery. CLICK HERE

The groom was texting the maid of honor. Too funny! He was nervous! Just wait until Emily breaks into song during the ceremony. He has no idea!

The most adorable baby on the planet! Mr. Calahan

Emily in her BEFORE state of mind.

The beautiful gown. Yes, it got dirty during her bridals. I'm asked that all the time. But look at it now? Fabulous.

Do you know Cori Weaver? You should!!!! She rocks! She did makeup and left her RSVP on the counter. LOL

A quick hug from mom before heading to the church.

They opted to see each other FIRST before the ceremony. Definitely a Kodack Moment. LOL

So, we had plenty of time to take fun portraits of the couple and their friends. :)

These two, too much fun!

Loving the light in the balcony!

This was so hard on Dad. So so hard. The man's eyes were so blood shot I swear he looked like he had been crying all day! But in reality he was fighting them back all he could.

After they were pronounced man and wife, Emily sang a song as a surprise for Hayden. He loved it, of course, but wasn't exactly thrilled with it being in front of everyone! He told me after, he wasn't sure what to do with his hands. LOL

Dad looking pretty intense during the song.

This is the wedding coordinator, Jan Brush. How fun was she?

Beautiful couple!

Great cake from Slaton Bakery.

My favorite guests of the night. Anyone you recognize?

I LOVE first dances!

This girl can sing! Don Caldwell played the music and many of the stars from the Cactus serenaded the guests and couple. Great music! But I must say, nothing compares to the chills Sheena gave during her "I'll Always Love You." This girl can WAIL better than Whitney Houston herself! FANTASTIC!!!!

Great moment caught of mom and dad watching the first dance.

Bubble exit!

The limo was over an hour late, so yipee! More mushy camera time!

Thanks you two! Have a blast in Cabo and drink a few sandy drinks for me. :)

Emily + Hayden (the rehearsal)

I just got back from Emily and Hayden's rehearsal and had the BEST food! You'll see the name of the cooker in a photo below, but I seriously could have ate myself sick! The wedding is tomorrow and I love photographing Slaton weddings. Many familiar faces and just a wonderful family feeling. Probably because I'm from there, now. LOL

On to the sneak peek!

Hayden has such a great smile.

First Baptist in Slaton has recently undergone some major renovation and I LOVE the new look! The color really brings out the stained glass and just cleans up the place. Very modern feel too.

Here's our adorable flower girl for tomorrow. Talk about spunk. You can read it in her eyes.

Mom and Dad sharing a laugh before walking down. Kathy, the bride's mom shared with me that she hasn't cried yet. She always cries and she keeps expecting to really have a tear jerking moment. It will probably happen tomorrow when her daughter and husband walk down that aisle. I sure hope so! Makes for good photos. :)

A fun moment between Emily and her stand-in.

You always have good times with Brother Steve around.

Cooper is the groom's nephew and I bet we dance together tomorrow. Doesn't he just look like a dancer?

Okay, so now macro close ups of the injury yet, but Hayden sliced his finger open, his RING finger earlier this week and all the guys showed up in splints to show their support. I'll try and stomach the shot for tomorrow, afterall, it's a part of the day.

This was Emily's mom and aunt's car growing up and it's in great condition!

Christopher got a new ride! WOW! Very nice, very pretty, and yes, he put 100 miles on it the first day. LOL

This is what making memories is all about!

I look forward to hanging out with these girls tomorrow! Come back Sunday for more lovely images from Slaton!