cooper softball

With the cold wet weather, we had to move the location for softball pictures this year. No pretty green grass, no stadium with signs, no bleechers. Just concrete and brick and beautiful girls!

I can't wait to photograph these girls in action!





Thanks girls and I will have your gallery ready for viewing and ordering soon!

Coronado Softball 2009

How cool is this?  Not the shot but the girl 2nd from the left.  I took one of her first photos playing sports way back "in the day".  She's a senior this year @ Coronado and it just felt really cool to be the one to photograph them this year.  My girl's play softball and that's all you ever hear is the buzz about Coronado and how good they are.  There's a softball tournament this weekend that they are hosting and so far, the buzz remains true.   

Coronado?  The gallery is up and ready for ordering.

The gallery is password protected.  Your coach should know the password.  :)

I have a cheerleader

Last week, Summer Zoe (on the left) went to Cheerleading Camp! Give me a Y E A H ! Kim, Kenda? You will be proud to know, "she cheered her @ss off!" LOL I think the girl actually has biceps now and her free throws have much improved. Only reason her daddy is excited about this. :)

They had 17 girls total, 7-8 squads together with mascot. And they were by far the BEST Squad there! Take into account that I'm totally biased, right??

Well, we met early the frist day so I could get group shots of the girls. :) LOVED the green grass behind these beauties! I'm sure I'll have many more to share with you of the girl's cheering this fall during football.

Way to go Cooper!

cooper cheer

How cool is this? WOW! I LOVED last night. Cooper Cheerleaders needed some promotional photographs taken to use for all their calendars, locker tags, lunch room danglers, etc. And when their ultra cool, drill-talking sponsor Kecia, called to ask me if I would help, I immediately said YES! Many of these girls I've watched grow up and become amazingly beautiful girls! You will recognize a few here, as their faces have graced my blog before. I really wanted to portray them as what I feel cheerleaders really are. (I can just hear my friend Toni hysterically laughing in the background as I type this.)


I definitely did NOT want cheesy. And despite the helmets, we really did not use props. I wanted the girls to shine. And I totally think they did. :)

These next few shots are what we kept calling FIERCE. LOL Very hard to do when all your friends/peers and even a few parents are watching. And I'm sure my obsessive nature of shooting did not help with the giggles at all. But hey! Check these girls out! They so nailed it!


CLICK HERE for your sneak peek.

And a special shout of thanks to Miss Sagon! (I sure hope I'm spelling it close.) She was a big help with stickers and being my lighting dummy for my first few shots. OH, and an official member of THE LITTLES. :) Thanks!

cooper vs. canon

"We were in it at halftime and I was proud of the way we played defensively" Hilliard said. "I thought we needed to be more aggressive offensively and we weren't able to get untracked. They were able to shut down April in the third quarter and we knew that was coming ... and we didn't have anybody offensively step up." Coach Hillard, February 23, 2008.

My heart is hurting for the Cooper girls, and especially for April. She's a fierce competitor and a girl that can't stand to ride the bench. I get that. She makes things happen. She creates space where no space is and puts the ball in the net. I love watching her play!

Cooper lost last night to Canyon and I've tried to write this blog post all day, but it's hard, because the hurt is still there. You hurt for these girls that poured their heart and souls into this team, and for the parents that did, too. You so wish it could have ended differently.

I know many of you have emailed me, stopped me and given me hugs, pats on the back, etc. for giving of my time to this team in their last few weeks of their season, and in their trek to state. This team, and parent's are more than welcome. By giving to this team, I'm filled with so much gratitude to the fans, the families, but to MOST of all, these girls. They quickly stole my heart with their love of the sport and I'm so grateful I had this chance to document it for them.

Last post for the Lady Pirates.

cooper vs argyle

Kalyn, Stephanie, Boo and I, hit the courts last night to photograph Cooper take on Argyle. We arrived early to get our press credentials and settled in to watch Canyon beat Levelland. Tension quickly rose though! Good Golly I was so nervous! How am I ever going to do this for my own child? I'm thinking meditation and lots of drinking. (totally teasing Kalyn.)

Enjoy everyone! And we will see you tonight!

Oh, I uploaded some shots to facebook too, so go and tag yourself!


Just walked in the door and wanted to let the world know that Cooper beat Argyle and will take on Canyon tomorrow night in the Regional Finals Game @ USA @ 6:30 PM.

Way to go Lady Pirates!

All the way to Austin!

The video below is NOT from the game Friday, it's from Tuesday against Seminole. I finally figured this booger out! Wicked! (as Ron Weasley would say.)

promised pictures

I didn't have time to post these before I left the house this morning. And my eyes are swimming and blurry from editing non-stop since 4 PM. I think it's time to rest them.

FYI Cooper plays Argyle on Friday night at the United Spirit Arena. And if you are keeping up with the Slaton Tigers, they play at Midland College Friday night as well. I"m surrounded by Champions!

I love this shot below. You can see the question in her eyes, as to wondering who is getting the foul. LOL

The fans came out if FULL Force! It was so cool to be on the court and see everyone screaming for the Lady Pirates!

The MOM Squad was out in full force too as well. LOL

Okay, I never show the cheerleaders. Well, not enough according to a few. So, next game, my goal is to get a shot of each one of them at least. Here's my start.

Hard to photograph cheerleaders when this is going on.

Check out the clean stuff! AWESOME!

This is Gordon, April Ehler's dad.

Can you see me in the trophy? huh?

Kalyn was an AWESOME shooter last night. I'm working on getting us press passes for Friday night's game, so we can be courtside.

Wish us luck!

As always, the full gallery can be found HERE. Gallery 1 is Kalyn's shots. I wanted to show her off a bit for all her hard work.

HEY, and just for all those bride's and groom's out there, I have a wedding next Saturday so back to your regularly scheduled programming on the 1st.

Lady Pirates in the Regional Tournament!

We are headed to the regional tournament! YEP! Cooper beat Seminole last night to earn their spot in the Regional Tournament being played this weekend at the USA in Lubbock. (United Spirit Arena).

The picture above is taken by Kalyn Marie Bednarz! She did awesome at the game last night and I'll blog more of her shots later. I'm so proud!!!

Meanwhile, enjoy these shots from Parent's Night. The team got together and enjoyed some good food, good talk, and somewhat good (ha) karaoke. LOL


We made the long drive to Fort Stockton last night to watch the Lady Pirates take on Fabens. It was worth it! They played AWESOME and moved one step closer to that State Tournament! Boo and I were on the court last night and managed to get some decent stuff without our trusty side kick, Stephanie.

This shot of Summer below is EXACTLY how I was feeling after driving all this way here. Glad the girls were on FIRE! Poor Fabens. They played some speed ball, but their shots just weren't going in.

Way to go LADY PIRATES! We are so proud of you!!!!

cooper vs. levelland @ LCU

After working all week at Take One Video, I can think of no better way to spend a Friday night then watching some "girly basketball". It's my favorite kind, after all.

Cooper beat Levelland last night to take a "bye" next week. Many folks were saying how that might not be a good thing, to take a break like that. That the girls need to "keep the ball rolling". But I think they are taking a practice a game next Tuesday before the enter the playoffs the Friday following. Are best hopes are with them, as it gives me a chance to photograph. And you know I love that!

Here's the best from last night's game. And as always, the complete gallery is HERE.

last night on home court

Tuesday, the Senior Girls of Cooper Varsity played their last home game as a Lady Pirate. Sure, they are headed to the play-off, (more on that later), but Tuesday was it for regular season, playing at home. It was an intense feeling for many, me included, on the court, in the stands, on the bench.

Here, let the pictures talk. They do it better anyway.

I tried to do something different this night. Stephanie, Boo and me have literally hundreds of awesome action shots under that goal. I think we've mastered the art of that. But I wanted to approach this from a different view point. Find new angles, get more faces, more emotion. I LOVE that part of anything in life, and it's there on the court. I really just wanted to shoot less armpits. LOL I don't think I achieved that goal, but hey.... it was great even trying.

I don't know all the girls by name, but I LOVE photographing anyone who enjoys the game like this player. Just look at her face! Pure JOY! LOVE this!

Lots of thoughts going through this pretty face. You played AWESOME April!

8th grade takes on levelland

I am LOVING me some Girls Basketball! I've loved it since I started playing in the 7th grade, when the rules were still 1/2 court for girls. (shut up and don't even think it. I'm old, I know! LOL)

I played guard and it was a way to connect with my dad when I went and stayed with him in the summers. We would walk to the playground down the road and shoot once in a while. It was fun.

Last night, Cooper 8th grade girls played Levelland, their stiffest competition all year. They were geared up for us and even had the high school varsity coach on the bench to help. Gosh! Passionate parents in the crowd made the refs job so easy, let me tell you. LOL One parent even got into a shoving match with one of ours, believe it or not. Talk about some redneck basketball!

Cooper played AWESOME, even if Hannah and Brittany got into foul trouble. (I was not one of the passionate parents. wink wink) And Kalyn, despite playing with a head cold, held her own and was a definite presence the entire game. She had some great steals, even a few rebounds at her height, and scored a time or two. Way to go Kalyn!

As always, you can check out their other games by clicking HERE.


Saturday I was supposed to photograph the Heinrich family, but when I showed up and found Mom in her sweats, instead, I found myself going with them to watch Landon pole vault instead. It was great! I love trying to photograph new things and got the chance to try my luck at indoor track. It was kinda fun! I did have a red cast on all my photos that I didn't white balance for in camera, so many were converted to bw, but hey...that's OK. Next time I will do better.

FYI, Landon is April's brother, so yep, his great grandma and Devin's grandma were sisters. Connection.




I was at it again Tuesday night! I like shooting sports and think after "chewing the fat" with Stephanie, getting better at camera parameters and exposures. It seems like we are constantly tweaking our settings to get consistent, clear results. Tuesday night felt GREAT. Not only because I felt like I had achieved that, but also because Cooper best Levelland! Great game, that was very scary in the first few minutes, but by the end of the first half, you just felt the tide turn and knew they could do it.

Below you will see Lauren Heinrich, Stephanie and myself getting pumped up to get under the goal and get our shots. Lauren just purchased her first digital SLR with her own hard earned money , and she's just in the 8th grade! She's doing so good at this and I love that she's starting her passion at such a young age. NOT that she will do this for a living or anything. No pressure there, Boo (that's what everyone calls her...don't ask), but once a shooter, always a shooter, and this girl IS shooting!

On a side note, APRIL was published in the AJ. You can read the article online HERE. Very exciting stuff.

They were so PUMPED before the game! INTENSE!

This is Mandy Padilla, a senior at Levelland who was benched the first half of the game because she was in foul trouble. Word on the "court" is she has a verbal agreement with Texas Tech to go and play there in the fall. WOW.

I watched her play some last year, and I'll admit, the girl has game, and she defended well, but Kimmie was HOT that night. This game was aggressive and tight. I'm anxious to watch them play again this year.

 foul on this one, but do you think she agreed with the call? LOL

varsity ball

A little background. Devin, my husband is a Slaton Tiger Alumni. Slaton and Cooper have long had a "rival" of sorts when it comes to sports and when our girls started school there 3 years ago, I seriously thought I would NEVER see the day Devin would step into Cooper HS and watch "gasp" a Cooper game. At least not unless Slaton was playing, too. I still have yet to EVER get him on the Football field and probably won't, I'm thinking, but the basketball court can be checked off my mental list of "things to do as Pirate Parents" thanks to April Ehlers.

April is family. Bear with me. Devin's grandmother and April's great-grandmother were sisters. So, when we started to attend games to watch her play last year, we would get a lot of "What are you doing here?" remarks from "those that went before us". Seriously, folks. It's hard when your mentality your entire sports life has been to be a Tiger and then to switch on a dime, well, it's been hard for my husband. ( labor isn't? LOL)

Now like all good Germans, we don't really keep up with our relatives except at church and reunions. We live less than 2 miles from April and I see her more on the court than I do anywhere else. I love to watch her play as she is so passionate for the game. She's intense, plays with heart, and best of all, looks good in my frame. In my book, she's an athlete.

Here's some shots from Seminole game last week. Leveland next. HERE is where I put all their images I take.

I absolutely LOVE this shot of all the girls heading to the goal! Intensity on each and every face and Seminole trailing way behind. LOL