Regan + John, A Wedding at Horshoe Bay, Texas

I'm still recovering. My thighs hurt, my feet hurt, my face is swollen from the EXTRA pollen it sucked in all weekend and I'm still dreaming and hearing tunes in my head. But I'm home. And pouring through the images from John and Regan's wedding this past weekend. Gosh! So much to share! Maybe I can bullet them for now so I can remember always the little tidbits over the weekend.

  • bad hairdo's
  • spa ladies that stay stoned
  • guys that golf very well
  • beautiful cake that is SUPREME
  • opinions on weddings here vs overseas
  • Hawaiian Expressions you can share with a couple
  • stuffed Cardinals
  • pecan pie from the local bakery
  • deer grazing while you golf
  • expansive views of nothing but blue skies

I'm sure there's more, but I know people are ready to view the "sneak peek", so I'm jumping on in!

The dress was perfect. Perfect for Regan and perfect for the occasion. Not too formal, but definitely special all the same and I thought it was perfect that she wore the same veil as her sister, Kelsey. I love things like that. My sister wore my gown and sisters are very close indeed.

Which brings me to whacked out hair do's. Regan and Kelsey do not live near each other anymore and they were definitely looking forward to enjoying their weekend together. Kelsey even put her hair appointment early in the day so she could be free for her sister.

4 hours later, and I ain't joking!!!! 4 hours later she showed up, almost in tears, those flowed freely later, with plastered on product and side do that was a side don't. HORRIBLE!!!! But a salon in Marble Falls saved the day and got her to the church on time and she looked wonderful!!!

Talk about your drama. Capital D.

Above is Ally. (I hope I'm spelling that right.) She's an amazing hair designer that just happens to be John's (the groom's) sister. She was doing Regan's hair for the day, but didn't plan on everyone's. But when the horrible do happened, she jumped right on in there and worked hard to create some beautiful looks. Great job! Ladies, I think she's in the Ft. Worth area. Not sure. But oh, can she create!

I always like to play with the rings while the bride is getting ready. Gosh, a girl loves diamonds!! Even if they aren't her own. LOL

Checking the make-up.

LOVE the bling on this jacket! Too cool. :)

I can NOT believe we were not facebook friends! I had blogged the rehearsal dinner from the night before and posted some images on facebook. I couldn't tag her in the photos because, HELLO! We are NOT friends. So, wild how times have changed. She's looking at them on my phone.

Okay. There are other photos of the "messed up do", but this was taken in the hallway before Kelsey made her mad dash to town to try and fix the disaster. OM gosh. Tears quickly followed. Can you see the grease? I can not believe this was a spa resort and they produced that.

Poor Kelsey. But I must say, girl looked HOT about 45 minutes later. BAM!

Photogs, you know how when a girl is getting dressed, she always holds her chest as they zip up the gown? This is the obligatory shot of that. LOL She was trying to read a note from John. A handwritten note! I was so impressed. Not a card, but an honest to goodness hand written note. John won the brownie points that day for sure.

Wonder what it said?

I LOVE the shot above. It was made immediately after that first kiss!

The church has a great area behind it that was just perfect for the couple's shots. It's not quite finished landscaping wise, so other than choosing creative angles, it was beautiful!

The Cake!!! Definitely a show stopper! Gorgeous!

First dances are GREAT! I LOVE THEM!

This little guy was a running theme this weekend.

Beautiful night for a celebration!

I LOVE this shot above as well. A really great moment between Regan's mom and dad. Makes me smile.

The BAND ROCKED!!!! One of the BEST I've ever heard. San Antonio based, these guys are great. If you are planning a party any time soon in the area, call them.

Here's their website.


Another great moment! They had just said goodbye to some relatives and stopped on the way back to the reception for a moment. LOVE THIS!!!!

Thank you, John and Regan. Have a wonderful time in Hawaii!!!

If you'd like to view a cute slideshow (with a misspelled name...geez...)