Regan + John (the rehearsal)

The one thing weird to me about technology, everything changes so quickly, that what is supposed to make your life easier, really, just gets more difficult. Case in point. Sneak peeks are my favorite part of my job! I get to pull my favorites from a session or event and share them with the couple, the family, etc. But, where you used to simply blog and be done and move on, now you facebook them, tag people AND then blog. Just to make sure you cover all communication bases. You know? Yeah, technology is great, but I yearn for the good ole' days where a simple blog post would suffice. HA!

I love to blog. It's still my favorite part of my job.

Regan and John were married this past weekend at Horseshoe Bay Resort and I got to be a part of it. From what the locals tell me, the flowers this spring were they BEST they've seen in 10 years. I believe them. It really was gorgeous! But even better? The emotions of this weekend, despite one hair crisis which I'll share later, were FABULOUS! I had the best time, laughing and taking it all in. Just a great couple with great families.

Here's my sneak peek from the rehearsal, which I've facebooked, so go and tag ye-self folks! But for sure, I'm blogging this baby! HELLO! Just look at that opening shot?

GORGEOUS! I tell you!!!

When you come to the stop sign on this road, it's left if you're Catholic and Right if your Protestant. HA! The first shot here on this post is the Catholic view.

I love the ringing of the bells at weddings. And they rang on the wedding day!

BEST flower girl ever! She was the flower girl at Regan's sister's wedding, Kelsey.

BEAUTIFUL church and you know my affection for stained glass. I approve. In fact, when shooting the formals, I placed the smaller groups here. It was just a great way to get pretty light AND color into the frame. LOVE IT!

And as you can see from the shot above, tricky lighting for the ceremony. YES, the view is AMAZING! But you need to see faces and expressions as well. When area's are backlit, you have to work the angles and the lighting. But hello! I love light and just check it out streaming across those pews. LOVELY!

Babies melt faces.

You know that feels good! When they are all cuddly and warm and just perfect.

See what I mean? These two are happy people. What's that song lyric?

Shiny happy people everywhere.

John and Regan qualify. :)

See? Baby melts faces. Everyone was in love!

After the rehearsal, I scoped out the surrounding area and found a great place to take the couple. LOVE the flowers on the gazebo!

Can't you just see them here tomorrow!!!! So excited they have this place just right behind the church.

Now off to some good food, and good times. :)

The shot above and below is of the bride's mom and dad, Rusty and Denise.

Our hosts for the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal. Fun peeps, let me tell you! We did this thing where we had to use Hawaiian words (where they are honeymooning) to send good wishes to the couple. Great way to kill time while waiting on your food. It was so funny to hear John's mom read these back to us at the end of the evening! Lots of creativity in this bunch of folks. :)

It was a beautiful night! Beautiful weather all weekend, actually.

The Happy Couple.

More happy couples.

and what you do while waiting for food. Quite the paper plane creators, I must say. Stabilizer tail wings and all.

The Abbe women!

These 3 lovely ladies are John's big sisters. They were wonderful at "toasting and roasting" John. They even passed down their leash that they used to raise their brother to the bride. LOL Very funny.

It was a great night!