Sarah and Jake, the rehearsal

I had forgotten my ftp info over the weekend and couldn't post these to my blog. Sure, facebook is great for mobile devices, but I love how big the blog posts the pictures so you can really see them.

I was in Brenham over the weekend photographing Sarah and Jake's beautiful wedding day. The rehearsal kick started the weekend for me as I fell in love with the stained glass in this church. I'm seriously thinking of blowing up some of my favorite images and framing them around my home just to give me that feel. I love it!

I'll post the sneak peek from the wedding later on today. Summer Zoe is playing BB over in Midland and I'm home trying to get caught up on some laundry. It's funny how the houshold chores stop when mom is away. Although, I do have to brag...

the took down the Christmas Tree while I was away. YEAH! I did the Happy Dance when I walked into the room. Just WOW!

Almost forgot. If the minister in these photos looks familar, I did his wedding as well. The bride is his SIL.