Emily and Will (the engagement)

I was in Dallas on Saturday, photographing this engagement, laughing and checking toes. Will knows what I'm talking about, and the day was fast and furious, but fun. I love photographing LOVE. And I don't mean, hugs and kisses, but just two people who geniunely enjoy and love each other.

That is Emily and Will.

We started at the Modern, downtown Ft. Worth. I LOVE this sculpture outside called the Vortex and despite the shrill screams of some 2 year old, I LOVE the way these came out! It couldn't have gone any better weather wise! Beautiful blue skies with just enough chill for cuddling. :)

Thanks you two!

We were discussing toes in this shot above. And you know? I never noticed you doing that thing you do, Will, again.

I love how empty the lobby is in this shot. Just the two of them in the world. And what a space this world is. :)

The shot above makes me warm and happy. :)

Next, Will took us downtown to some cool areas to walk and shoot and then we had some words with a Police Biker. Just as well, he led us to the next cool place to shoot, which is this brick covered ivy wall below. Too cool! And right by the car. That was nice, because it started getting nippy.

TCU campus was on our next stop. Great campus and beautiful buildings for being so new. Sometimes, new places can lose their character. There hasn't been enough living or something, not sure. But I loved the curves and lines of campus.

And anytime I can get a couple to lay down with some snails just to satisfy my love of texture? HELLO! They quickly become favorites to me. I LOVE this shot above and blogger posted these in the wrong order, but oh, well. Just roll with it. You'll find a few more like this one, in a bit.

If you are a Ft. Worth couple and you find Will and Emily on your wedding video and am not sure why? Just email me and I'll share the story. LOL

Thanks you two! I had a wonderful time with the 2 of you and love the hugs from Will's mom! And yes!!! She made the BLOG!!!! Can't wait for the wedding!!!