The Howell Family

When we made the decision to move our kids from St. Joseph School, which is all they had ever known, to Cooper, we were worried. We knew eventually are kids would end up somewhere, but we didn't know exactly where. We lived in Cooper district and had friends and family with kids there, but something about leaving the shelter of 1 to 10 ratio of kids to teacher's and just leaving the private sector to go to public, well, it wasn't just very easy.

Heather, the girl in the middle? Well, she made it very easy for my youngest daughter, Summer Zoe. We met Summer in Mrs. Cunningham's class (who was also a HUGE blessing) and they've been fast and furious friends ever since. Heather is fun, crazy, absolutely BEAUTIFUL and a perfect girl to have as a friend. Once I met her mom, HELLO apples don't fall far from trees.

Meet the Howell Kids. Mom had redecorated most of her house and needed a family photo. The last one was taken BEFORE Heather was walking. Um. Yeah. You sure did need an updated photo.

We stuck to natural settings and pretty colors to compliment the new decor. I hesitate to call them kids, because they are grown people with lives, but gosh, to Mom, these are the kids.

Great job you guys!