Reece + Kathleen (the engagement)

Just look at those eyes above. Good clean All American Girl. Maybe covergirl? I don't know. Kathleen, do you even aspire to something like that? I think you are beyond that, but darn it, girl. You are pretty. And I'm in LOVE with Reece's hair! I wanted a red headed kid so badly that when both my babies were in utero I prayed for RED HAIR and FRECKLES. So, the 2nd I met Reece, I was all over that hair! And I purposely laid him down in the ground and kicked dead grass into it so I could touch it. Yep. How sick am I? LOL

Last night, Kathleen and Reece worked it for my camera and did a fantastic job! We laughed, we made out in East Lubbock and we watched a beautiful West Texas sky consume the sun. My kinda evening. :)


Okay, the shot above? Totally Rad Actions, the new filters? Yeah, I tried one out. I'm so not a big fan of heavy action photos that many photogs are slapping on bad images. I refer to them at the "pee action" or "urnine action" because you see so many images on blogs that look like my dog peed on them and it dried.

I think there's a place for things like this and used with the right image and the right opacity, it can enhance a photo and bring out the emotion. So, I played. And I like it on the image above. Most important thing to remember is actions and filters don't "fix" bad images. A bad image is a bad image and the MOST IMPORTANT thing about this photo game is light. So if you have the light right, and there's a shot that speaks to you, maybe try a few. Kinda fun. And I loved Kathleen's vintage top feel.

I LOVE those two images above together. Kathleen, think about maybe doing a canvas with both of those together? Me thinks it would look very good.

Okay, shot above? TAKE DOWN. He so tackled her and enjoyed it. :) It was about this time I kicked grass in his hair. Yep.

They nailed "couple walking and laughing together" on the first try. PROS I tell you.

I'm heading out the door to do something special photo wise today. I'll share when i get back. It's projects like today that make learning photography the BEST thing I ever did. I'm humbled I get to do things I never expected I'd do.

Until tomorrow! Oh, and Summer Zoe has a BB game today so, more sports pictures of my GREAT GALS on the way!