Oh, Brooklyn! How lovely are thy eyes! That curly hair, those chubby arms, the free spirit of BABY BABY BABY all rolled up into perfect little package. I think I'm in love, my dear. Yes. In love. If you ever run away from home or need a friend to play with, I think it shall be me, that will rescue you and play forever.

Okay, BREAK! I'm in serious need of a break if I'm wanting to raise another baby girl. But gosh! Just look at those eyes in that first photo. Can you see it? Can you just see everything she's thinking about throwing at me for the next 2 hours while we shoot? It's wonderment! Excitement! It's new shoes and tu-tu's and everything sugar and spice related.

It's GIRLS!!!!

I've been photographing this family since Haley was a Senior and Lexi was still in diapers. They are beautiful, beautiful creatures that make fun of each other, help each other, raise each other's kids and most of all, LOVE each other. Because they know that is what LIFE is all about.

I was very worried that we wouldn't get a good shot of the 5 beautiful girls together, due to the wind and the cold. Of course the 2nd I show up with my camera a babies outdoors the wind blows like crazy. After all, we are in West Texas. And those are NOT good conditions for beautiful baby girls. But everyone stayed committed to getting the shot and we did! We did get the shot! Deana, it will look fabulous as a canvas on that space in your kitchen. A pop of girl color and those beautiful faces to look at each day. Your five beauties to look at day after day.

Here's a sneak peek for now and as always more on your GALLERY. CLICK HERE.