So what better way to celebrate their engagement, but with a party. Right? And not just any party, but a "let's celebrate-life-to-the-fullest-and-dance-together-all-night-long PARTY". YES! And I got to photograph it. YES, again.

It started at Maia's house. Champagne toasts and quick photos with family. Matt arrives and they are off to the Lubbock Club for a quick photo shoot outdoors and then they are announced with some amazing rhythm addicting music that just begs for hips to sway to and that starts off the mood of the evening and it just never never dies!

I had so much fun photographing this event in their lives. It was truly a passionate celebration with much music and love and dinner and dancing. The wedding is on down the road, and yes, that will be wonderful, too. But Saturday night, October 24th, the families that love these two, started the celebration off mighty fine, might fine.

Congratulations you two!