Facebook, blog, facebook, blog. I remember the days when a blog is all we had to socially network. Now it seems second fiddle to something as easy breezy and "take it with you" facebook. I had posted these photographs of the wedding on facebook, but forgot the blog baby. I can't forget the blog, so here they are! The sneak peek from Andrew and Brittani's wedding last weekend in Amarillo. ON THE BLOG!

Of course, there's many more on their Wedding Gallery.

I shot with wedding with Toni Daniel and had such a great time. Things are always more fun with Toni, I'm telling you and I'm serious BRIDES OF KRISTIN TO BE, if you are wanting double the coverage, really think about adding 2nd shooter coverage to your wedding collection. It's definitely a win! Especially on the dance floor. HA!

We started the day with the girls at the church. We had a spacious room so everyone could be together just enjoying the day. In cute adorable robes, I might add. One of these weddings, I'm going to show up in my pj's and robe. I'm thinking that's the way to work.

Brittani's shoes were perfect for her. From the minute I saw them at the bridal, I knew I loved them and if I could have squeezed my rather large duck feet into them, they would have made it back to Lubbock in my shootsac. I'm just saying. They were ADORABLY sexy! And she rocked them all night long!

I love this image of Brittani applying her makeup. She's got the perfect bridal lips!

Miss B couldn't sit still. I think she steamed all the BM's dresses, tied their bow, steamed her dress and veil and worked the room like a pro. Yep. She's got it all under control.

Toni snagged this bad boy bouquet shot. LOVE IT!

While I was shooting the girls, Toni was watching boys dress in stuff they never wear. It's quite comical sometimes. I think Andrew may have pulled a chest hair or something.

This shot was made with the 100 2.8 macro and some yummy window light. Thank you Mother Nature. She always lights things the BEST!


STUUUUUUUD mini MUUUUUUUUFin! He couldn't quit looking at Cinderella. How about that faux hawk?


What's better than your dad walking you down the aisle? TWO Dad's rocking the job. That's what.

Loved the stained glass in this church.

II bet her cheeks hurt the next day. Brittani was so joyfully happy! Just the way I like a bride. :)

They both said I do! We were getting ahead of the crowd for a minute or two before we walked back in for formals. Most of my couples choose not to see each other before. And that's fine. You can always find time to make the shots if you stay close to the couple. Sure, it's nice to have hours to set things up and get purty pictures, but seriously? If there's a will, there's a way. And I'm pretty darn adamant that your wedding day should be planned YOUR WAY. I'm just along for the ride.

Mother Nature does so many things right.

This sweet shot was made before they entered their reception. There are so many moments in a wedding day where they wait. So why not go have a mini-make out session with your HUBBY. We had some sweet light so we took advantage of it.

During the toasts, I stayed on the couple, Toni shot the speech makers and merriment coordinators.

Simplicity can be so darn elegant.

Melt my heart and call my dad. These shots make me miss him so much.

Heart strings, PULLING! Love this one of Andrew and his mom. :)

I seriously think Andrew and Brittani could have enjoyed this reception without one single guest. Just give 'em a cake and some music and the PARTY starts. LOL

Oh, yeah. This is Toni.


Ever heard of This IS PHOTOBOMB? This is me trying to work my submission. Okay, so sometimes, this site shows objectionable material. But many times, it shows LMBO shots that get your giggle going and makes you happy. That's the kind of shot I was going for. I know, needs work.

Better? Hey, party people? Next time I'm out on the dance floor with you peoples? FACE CHECK. Okay?

The Jimmy Stadler Band ROCKED THE HOUSE!

I always like to find a shot for each couple that sets the mood for the reception and gives them a moment to breathe. Usually it's during the bands break. We ran outside the country club and snagged this lovely YUMMY love shot.

Who knew chair covers were so multi-functioning?

Toni's version of Andrew's massive dance bomb and below is mine. Oh, yeah! ROCK IT BABY!

So darn cool. I LOVE paper exits!

And they lived Happily Ever After!