Katie + Kevin (the engagement)

Total yummy feeling inside when I look at these. YUM.

Saturday, after TT beat OU, Katie and Kevin photographed their e-session. I wonder if TT would have lost if the magic in these photos would have still been there? Me thinks yes. Me thinks this magic between these two will be around forever. It rubbed off on me quite a bit and got me through a very busy weekend when things weren't always so peachy, if you know what I mean.

We started out at Buffalo Canyon and drove around until we found the nooks and crannies that love the camera. Oh, and we found the most totally cool wall that I adore. They look so good this wall we had to stay long enough to see the locals zoom by in golfcarts with their beer. Life is good in Buffalo Canyon.

Kevin has a way with Katie. She looks like this almost every 2nd with him. :)

Then to my favorite lighting stinky place, tunnel light is so supreme when it highlights your subject. Bonus points for this location blocking the wind. Oh, yeah.

And Katie rocking the heels and adorable dress was definitely a plus.

The camera LOVES her!

Oh, yes. YOU MUST SHOOT SHADOW COWBOY when you have a hat like Kevin's. HELLO! It's the perfect West Texas e-session shot. Cowboy with cool guitar case? BONUS.

You two were GREAT to drive me around and make out in public places. I sure appreciate that. Add to the fact that you are madly in love with each other and just plain LOVE to have fun, and I'm hooked. I'll be Katie and Kevin fans for life. :)

Oh, and 2010, 2010, 2010!!!!!
(inside joke)