CMS had their first pep rally of the year September 24th and my Summer Zoe is in her 2nd year of cheering. She's still GOT IT! I was hoping she would still bring those cool faces to her game and ROCK IT OUT like she did her first year of cheering. And most of all, I wanted it to be REAL. Like she really enjoyed it! It was great! They theme was Western and Heather Howell did a FAB job on the skit! So much fun to see the school get involved, completely down to these little tykes above. I think they agreed it was too loud, but hey! You gotta make some noise in life once in a while, right!

Way to go Summer Zoe!

Jordan, Lindsay and Taylor were the "cubs" for the skit part of the rally.

The students were enjoying and getting into the groove! Love all the energy in their faces!

Miss Sami doing her thang!

Keely Ehlers and the rest of the 7th grade cheerleaders had a GREAT pep rally DEBUT! So proud of them! It's scary the first time to get out there and "do your thang" in front of the ENTIRE student body! Great job girls!

Summer and Pirate Pete pumping it up for the camera!

I love this shot above and how the girls are just enjoying being cheerleaders!

Wonder who is sponge Bob?!?!?!

There's my girl!

Oh, yeah!

These last two were taken after the rally. Hanna Gentry was Sponge Bob and despite sweating her face off under that mask, she was FABULOUS! Way to go Hannah!

And one of my favorite Craigs, Miss Sydney in the last shot with Summer. Watch for this girl here in Pirate Country. She can play some mean b-ball!