Idalou hosted the Cooper Pirates last night and I had such a great time! I'm getting better! And I owe much thanks to Kent Sparkman and his pointers and great tips and just general knowledge of the game. Thanks Kent!

Also, parents. He's much better at this shooting sports game then me, so go and have a look at his work at the link below.

I won't get to "techy" here, but he graciously let me use his 300 last night and I so love this lens! BIG pretty files to really get in on the action there on the field. I LOVED shooting with it and managed to get a few keepers at last nights games.

As always, more photos at!

NOTE: The website link above is to a gallery of photos of JUST COOPER PIRATES! You may purchase a digital file from the site and all the proceeds go to support the Cooper Athletic Booster Club!!!