Laurie + Austin (the wedding) at Pilot Point, TX

I'm home. EXHAUSTED! But I have to hit the ground running, because there's so many beautiful images to see! LOL

Laurie and Austin had a very HOT but definitely fabulous wedding in Pilot Point, Saturday, August 1, 2009. We were praying the rain would stay away, and it did, but unfortunately they didn't have enough wind to dry off the area for all the chairs. But Laurie and her mom were great about it and simply improvised and rolled on. I love that!

When Laurie stepped out to see Austin, her walk down the aisle of stairs dragged the veil off her head. No worries, just leave it and roll on. That she did! Beaming the entire time, so ready to be Mrs. Austin Adkins!

Congratulations you two! Of course more on your wedding gallery online!