LUBBOCK WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: Heather's heading out! (Sam Houston, right?)

This is Heather. And she was an employee at our video store for quite some time, but even more than that, I've watched her grow up into this VIBRANT, energetic, somewhat attitudinal (is that even a word?) wonderful YOUNG LADY! Oh, and smart as a tack. I forgot that part.

When I approached her mom about photographing their family BEFORE her oldest heads off to college, I spoke about how important it is to GET YOURSELF in the photograph. As mom's we don't do that near enough and our children need those photographs in their lives. They are so important to have and have forever, for them, for us, for future folks.

We had our session earlier this week in the good old town of Slaton and we had so much fun!

Here's my favorites of the bunch, and Miss Heather? You will be missed, but we are so excited for you and all the Lord is going to do in your life!!!! Many blessings!!!

I LOVE this shot of Bekah! Her and Kalyn (my oldest) have been going to school FOREVER together. I love that they are still friends. :)

Everyone needs a family photo filled with JOY. This picture above says that to my soul, it makes me happy.

Some urban attitude from the Linder BUNCH. LOL

Can you read it in her eyes? She's ready WORLD. Ready for whatever you can throw at her!

Here's a good example of my favorite kind of light! I call it tunnel light and I absolutely adore to shoot it! LOVE the big creamy catch lights in their eyes and it's just perfect how it kisses their faces and falls off to highlight just them.

HA! Remember your roots and where you come from, but don't be afraid to REACH HIGHER!

This cracks me up. I love photographing families and having each individual come to the camera and have their family literally TALK ABOUT THEM BEHIND THEIR BACK. HA! You can just imagine what Bekah heard when I made this image. LOVE IT!

Sunflowers make everything Happy!

Thank you, Linder Family!