Emily + Hayden (the wedding)

Emily and Hayden got married Saturday! And I cried. Yep. I did fine through the ceremony, even though looking at her dad would cause my throat to develop this huge burning lump, I held it together. BUT at the reception? When Christopher (her brother) sang a song that him and Emily wrote, while she danced with her dad? I lost it! Totally lost it and my eyes burned and blurred and I kept the camera close to my face and shot away.

What a wedding! Lots of surprises! Lots of fun and such great memories! I love Slaton weddings because 9 times out of 10, my family is there as well. So it was great to see them hit the dance floor and shake their groove thangs!

Of course there's more on their gallery. CLICK HERE

The groom was texting the maid of honor. Too funny! He was nervous! Just wait until Emily breaks into song during the ceremony. He has no idea!

The most adorable baby on the planet! Mr. Calahan

Emily in her BEFORE state of mind.

The beautiful gown. Yes, it got dirty during her bridals. I'm asked that all the time. But look at it now? Fabulous.

Do you know Cori Weaver? You should!!!! She rocks! She did makeup and left her RSVP on the counter. LOL

A quick hug from mom before heading to the church.

They opted to see each other FIRST before the ceremony. Definitely a Kodack Moment. LOL

So, we had plenty of time to take fun portraits of the couple and their friends. :)

These two, too much fun!

Loving the light in the balcony!

This was so hard on Dad. So so hard. The man's eyes were so blood shot I swear he looked like he had been crying all day! But in reality he was fighting them back all he could.

After they were pronounced man and wife, Emily sang a song as a surprise for Hayden. He loved it, of course, but wasn't exactly thrilled with it being in front of everyone! He told me after, he wasn't sure what to do with his hands. LOL

Dad looking pretty intense during the song.

This is the wedding coordinator, Jan Brush. How fun was she?

Beautiful couple!

Great cake from Slaton Bakery.

My favorite guests of the night. Anyone you recognize?

I LOVE first dances!

This girl can sing! Don Caldwell played the music and many of the stars from the Cactus serenaded the guests and couple. Great music! But I must say, nothing compares to the chills Sheena gave during her "I'll Always Love You." This girl can WAIL better than Whitney Houston herself! FANTASTIC!!!!

Great moment caught of mom and dad watching the first dance.

Bubble exit!

The limo was over an hour late, so yipee! More mushy camera time!

Thanks you two! Have a blast in Cabo and drink a few sandy drinks for me. :)