Emily + Hayden (the rehearsal)

I just got back from Emily and Hayden's rehearsal and had the BEST food! You'll see the name of the cooker in a photo below, but I seriously could have ate myself sick! The wedding is tomorrow and I love photographing Slaton weddings. Many familiar faces and just a wonderful family feeling. Probably because I'm from there, now. LOL

On to the sneak peek!

Hayden has such a great smile.

First Baptist in Slaton has recently undergone some major renovation and I LOVE the new look! The color really brings out the stained glass and just cleans up the place. Very modern feel too.

Here's our adorable flower girl for tomorrow. Talk about spunk. You can read it in her eyes.

Mom and Dad sharing a laugh before walking down. Kathy, the bride's mom shared with me that she hasn't cried yet. She always cries and she keeps expecting to really have a tear jerking moment. It will probably happen tomorrow when her daughter and husband walk down that aisle. I sure hope so! Makes for good photos. :)

A fun moment between Emily and her stand-in.

You always have good times with Brother Steve around.

Cooper is the groom's nephew and I bet we dance together tomorrow. Doesn't he just look like a dancer?

Okay, so now macro close ups of the injury yet, but Hayden sliced his finger open, his RING finger earlier this week and all the guys showed up in splints to show their support. I'll try and stomach the shot for tomorrow, afterall, it's a part of the day.

This was Emily's mom and aunt's car growing up and it's in great condition!

Christopher got a new ride! WOW! Very nice, very pretty, and yes, he put 100 miles on it the first day. LOL

This is what making memories is all about!

I look forward to hanging out with these girls tomorrow! Come back Sunday for more lovely images from Slaton!