Twyla + Patrick

Yes, those are the shoes from Sex and the City that BIG proposed to Carrie with.  And YES!  My new assistant, Sally, (more on that later) taught me how to properly pronounce the designer's name, and YES!  We all quickly fell in love with them and really wanted to try them on, dance around and go drink cosmopolitans.  Didn't happen of course, but hey, we had a wedding to photograph!

I've known Twyla (the bride) for oh, umpteen years, as our daughters play soccer together.  And when she called me to say she was getting married, I was so very happy for her.  You see, Twyla is an unconditional lover.  She sees people for what they are not what they do and just loves unconditionally.  That and her unusual accent are my favorite things about her.  At lest they were, until the shoes showed up on the scene.  HELLO!  Are they not beautiful?!?  

On to the photos!

I had the chance to play around with the rings for a bit and really liked this one.  If you go to their sneak peek on their gallery you will see the opening shot with Patrick's ring.  CLICK HERE FOR THE SNEAK PEEK.
Tina Bland at Taylor Davidison's did Twyla's hair and makeup.  She did a fantastic job!  Those that know Twyla know that the girl doesn't have hair.  Seriously, she will tell you that a million times over, but Tina's knows hair and knows it well.  Plus, these two are very good friends, and after being in "hair mode" all day, it was great to get this shot of the two of them together. 

The penguin's ready for their close-ups!  LOL  Patrick is surrounded by his boys, Twyla's boys, and a few extra's thrown in.  

Twyla wore her Mom's necklace and I thought it was perfect!  Here is her sister putting it on the bride. 

STUNNING!  Loved her pink gown with the Texas roses!

Emotional moment.

Twyla's bro walked her down the aisle.  The wink was priceless!  :)

Another emotional moment.  

The Legacy in Lubbock is a beautiful place.  Gorgeous place!  Wonderful lighting and thanks to the First Friday Art Trail, wicked cool art on the walls.  BONUS!
I love this shot of the two of them definitely excited and enjoying the moment!  

Carrlyn sang the first dance song.  

Only these two in pastels can look this good doing the YMCA.  LOL

Twyla's grandma and several of her relatives had taken their first plane ride EVER.  EVER.  This was at the end of the night, Twyla saying goodnight to her exhausted Grandma.  Such a great moment!

Thanks, Patrick and Twyla for choosing me to photograph your wonderful day!  I had such a great time getting to know your family and friends even better.