Lunch @ La Diosa (yum)

WARNING: For the next few days, Kristin will blog sporadically, in desperate hopes to get her office moved, her life in order, AND get caught up!!!

I've been looking forward to Heather and Ryan's wedding for a year. I photographed her sister's wedding in 2007 and last summer Heather's mom called to reserve her date. Her wedding date happens to be my youngest daughter's 13th BIRTHDAY!


At first I wasn't going to photograph the wedding, but then I remembered in the month of June Summer plays basketball every weekend, so we talked about it and given the history I have with this wonderful family, and given the history of Summer Zoe's birthday being celebrated AFTER her basketball games, it made sense to go ahead and agree to work her birthday.

******** just got word that they tied her first game up with a 3 pointer made at 1/2 court!!! OMG!

Onto the sneak peek!

I'm heading out to meet the bride, jammin' to MJ tunes (so sad...) and wanted to share her fab bridesmaid lunch we had yesterday. OM GOSH! The cake was so AWESOME! I think it was made by a Miss Molly Brown? Is this right, Candy? (leave a comment to let me know) But it was a toffee chocolate cake of some sort. All I know is it was total yum!

The girls all spent some fun time visiting, catching up and sharing fun stories. You'll see a fun series below of Heather and Ginger together both talking at the same time about the same story! Too fun!

Gotta run!