heather + ryan (the wedding)

I'm still recovering.


And I won't go into all the gory details about my toe, or the stress level, (not at all client driven, strictly caused by myself), and mainly because none of it matters. None of it matters one bit, because Heather and Ryan are enjoying their honeymoon, I'm sure. MOB, Candy (and good friend) is resting, I hope, and all the wonderful images are safe and happy on my hard drive (and dvd, external, and alternate location) and just begging to be played with!

life is good

It was a beautiful day! HOT, but beautiful! Emily Alexander from Dallas, 2nd shot this wedding with me and I always enjoy spending time with her! Someday, if you run into us, sit down, have a drink and we will fill you in on our weekend! Oh, my gosh! It was reality TV at it's best.

Enjoy the sneak peek and as always, more on their gallery! CLICK HERE.