britteny + ryan (the wedding)

Amarillo was the site for a wonderful wedding Saturday!  I'm home today, in my PJ's, drinking coffee and running through the images from the wedding and just thinking about my family, my life, and wondering what my daughter's weddings will be like.  Will they come home to be married?  Like Britteny did.  Will they throw a HUGE dance at St. Joseph Hall?  Like Britteny did at her church hall.  Will their sister cry like a baby as they walk down the aisle?  Like Britteny's did.  :)

The music played, the guests danced!  Britteny's Uncle stalked me.  And all sorts of other wonderful happenings happened as family and friends celebrated Britteny and Ryan getting married!  

Of course more images are on their wedding gallery, but here's a small sampling of our day!

Congratulations you two!

Cute sign at the Bridal Lunch.  They served Belgian waffles with homemade icecream just to name a bit of the menu.  YUM!  And mimosas are always a great way to start and continue and finish ANY day.  (shot above)

Hair was lovely.

The Fabulous YES!

The horses were running in Louisville that day.  

And when we arrived at the church to get the bride dressed, we found a few maids sleeping.  
The fabulous veil.  I loved how it looked on the dark wood of the room's armoire.  We were at the church in the newly renovated bride's room.  Which actually means, small area with very hot air.  UGH!  In Amarillo, they cook them before they  head them down the aisle.  Put an entire new meaning on "hot bride".  LOL

a friend doing the bride's makeup.

The fabulous "hug my body like a glove" dress.  

Interesting shot of the statue outside the church.  I clones a bunch of bird do-do off Jesus's head.

The guys, dressed and ready.

Handsome Ryan.

Mom, hooking Britteny into her gown.

They were having fun getting ready!

Beautiful Caroline.  Always listening, very cerebral.  You can see the thinking going on behind her eyes, constantly.  Quite the charmer as well, and excellent wearer of gloves.

What can I say?

The pretty maids.

Sweet kisses.

The Street Women

Oh, Happy Day!

Ryan's family waits.  I liked how this priest had both sets of parents down at the end.  After the initial greeting, he had each set give the kids away.  Made for good photo, too.

Overview of St. Thomas.  No balcony, only media room.  But I just put the camera on timed exposure and held it up with a monopod.  Very cool.

Ceremony shot.

pushing on the ring!


We did it!

Just enough daylight left to get this shot!  I'm so glad!

And onto the reception at the hall.  No guests had to leave, it was a quick walk around the church. 

This was cute.  They had the reception broken up into areas for drinking and eating and behind the "make me a drink" station, they had these posters that they had created.  Too cute!

Interesting shot of the rings

This is a church gymnasium.  Yep. 

If you look closely, you will see the free throw line.

I think we need to change the "DO" to "DID". 

One last kiss and dance!