Britteny + ryan (the rehearsal)

I'm up in Amarillo photographing Britteny and Ryan's wedding.  Last night was the rehearsal and it was so much fun!  Lots of laughter and just good people enjoying each other and enjoying getting together.

I "found" the couple through the bride's sister, Tori.  We met years ago at St. Joseph school when she was the principal there.  She also taught school at Cooper and we ran into each other on South Campus when Summer started school there in 4th grade.  It was great to see her and catch up on her life!  She has two adorable kids and as always, has that wonderful "teacher" voice.  :)

Britteny and Ryan chose the digital files from their engagement and weaved those into the wedding program and various other parts of their wedding.  I love that!

It's been very foggy weather in Amarillo which made travel a bummer for everyone.  Ryan's family is from Kansas City and many guests are traveling from all over the USA.  The planes wouldn't land in Amarillo due to weather, so many had to drive from Lubbock.  Thus this dude arriving in his plane duds.

Beautiful window in the bell tower.  I hope they ring the bells tomorrow.  :)

There's one of Tori's adorable little kids right there.  She loved her gloves and walked just like a princess in them.

Funny moment, the priest had to remove Ryan for a little talk about relaxing and letting him, the priest run the rehearsal.  It was too cute!  When the couples were walking down the aisle, Ryan felt the need to introduce and talk about the history of how they knew each person to the priest and other's there involved.  Of course it was going to take FOREVER to do so, but hey, I appreciated the effort.  I always love to know the story.  

There's a glimpse of those gloves.  :)

 I love weddings like this!  Everyone is enjoying each other and the time together and are here to celebrate the couple!  It's cold and rainy outside, but you couldn't tell inside at all.  

At the church, Britteny made a comment about "do we have to kiss?"  In her defense, she loves to kiss Ryan, but just not in front of 200+ guests!  Too funny!  

Wedding party meeting each other and again, LAUGHING!  The girl above is Britteny's sister, Tori.  We used to work together when she was the principal at St. Joseph School in Slaton.  She also taught at Cooper as well.  Small world and it was so good to see her.  

The Amarillo Club featured an amazing spread!  I hung out at the pasta station all I could to smell the wonderful spices.  Just super!

The happy couple!

Total YUMMY desert station!

Ryan's mom and dad,  Dr. and Mrs. Brown.

Mr. and Mrs. Street.  It's their wedding anniversary!  

Tori and Jeff.  :)

Looks like she is having fun at this party!

It's important to entertain your guests.  

Before mentioned spread.

gorgeous night!

wonderful moment during the toasts.  I love it when they are heartfelt and touch the soul.  Britteny made a wonderful toast to her family and talked openly about how they have impressed her life.

Ryan's dad sharing with the crowd.  

Too funny!  Oh, the stories they tell!  This is Ryan's mom, Angela.

One last hug before heading off to her "lingerie shower".  Tomorrow's the big day!  Get some sleep and I'll share more when I get back to Lubbock.