Lady Pirate Softball

This pictures makes me so happy.  I smile every time I see it and I'm so blowing it up for my office wall.  :)  On the left is my daughter, Kalyn Marie, our good friend, and cousin, "Boo" (AKA  Lauren Heinrich) is on the right.  They are total goofballs that are too much fun to be around.  Too much as in "Kristin NEVER gets anything done around them because I laugh too much".  Those are the BEST kinds of friends to have. 


Yesterday, team photos of the Lady Pirates Softball Team.  Quick, painless and beautiful!  Check these girls out!  HELLO!  And they can play!  Sadly, they did not bring their game last night.  Levelland beat us 2-0.  And this team can play better than that.  I've seen it.  So, Cat or not girls, you can hit off her.  She ain't ALL that.  (she is good, don't take this wrong, girl, if you are reading this, but WE ARE TOO!)

Thanks, Ladies (and Coach) for letting me spend 15 minutes with you and if you want to see more of your photos, CLICK HERE.  And for all Cooper Pirate ACTION photos, go to  

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