ABC Rodeo Sweethearts

How cool is this?  Studio West is the corporate sponsor of the ABC Rodeo Sweethearts this year and I got to photograph the Sweethearts @ Studio Wests' offices yesterday.  Their way kewel offices!  LOVED THE PLACE!  I was using their exterior walls already, after hours with clients, so it wasn't a big stretch to step inside and see this wicked cool place.  

Many of you know I'm currently building a home in West Texas and let me tell you, I so had my eye on the table in their kitchen.  OUCH!  You talk about smoking HOT!  I wonder if they would notice it being gone?  

I think I'll head back this week for some more of that awesome cookie smell.  I gave up sweets for Lent, but that doesn't mean I can't smell them!!!  They had a batch going for the girls which was super sweet.

Special thanks to Marinda Heinrich for securing me the gig.  She's the long and lean one in the middle.  

Sweethearts?  If you are reading this, your images will be ready for viewing in about a week.  Be sure you email me to get on the notification list to receive the gallery link.