Cooper vs Estacado

 I adore this shot of Hannah!  ADORE!

I haven't had the chance to photograph the Cooper Girls JV BBall Team hardly at all.  And more than that, I've missed watching Kenda and Hannah play.  They both started with Kalyn last year in 8th grade.  

Kenda, graceful one, is a beautiful player.  She has long arms that stretch and reach and grab and her position vertically is just amazing!  I love to watch her play!

Hannah, is a total spitfire, aggressive, in your face, I'll NEVER give up or back down, PLAYA!  YES!  I love to see girl's play like this.  :)  

Well, Tuesday night, against Estacado, Hannah made the game ending free throws to tie up the score and go into overtime against Estacado.  This was the shot (above) I made immediately afterwards.  LOVE IT!

Way to go Hannah!  I loved watching you play!

Here's a ton more images to share.  They are scrambled between Varsity, Freshman and JV.  As always, there's more at

I have more from last night's game, but they are currently on facebook.  I'll get them posted soon!