Magic Jack

Mr. Starkey, a HUGE diet coke customer of ours at our store, talked to me about Magic Jack.  We are moving into our new home soon and I really wanted to be able to take our old phone number, which we've had since I moved here in 1989.  I thought Magic Jack could do that, but it can't.  But that's OK, because I got to pick which area code I wanted my number to have.  How cool is that?  

New York?


Well, I thought it would be cool to have an Austin number so we choose 512.  All this just to brag on Magic Jack and give you our new home phone number.  We pondered even getting a land line with everyone using their cell phones anymore, but I'm pretty old school when it comes to the HOUSE having it's own phone.  We even though about adding another line to your ATT Wireless for just $9.99/month, but instead after hearing Tracy talk about the Magic Jack, decided to go with them.

For only $19.95 a year, yep... A YEAR I have everything my phone company was doing for me and BETTER.  Oh, and they don't pay me to say that.

So, all this to give you the new number.