Happy New Year!

2008 came to an end with a great Christmas Party for the Bednarz Clan. We started with Mass, then had a wonderful dinner, (thank you Emily!) presents, and then toasted in the New Year! 

David and Davida gave me a video camera and I LOVE it!  Terry Campbell got me thinking about them a few weeks ago when he shot that awesome game Kalyn played to win 3rd Place in the City Tournament.   We have one, but it's still on film and the process to get it archived on DVD is just gruesome, time consuming and just plain NOT FUN.  

So, last night I recorded some fun stuff, played around with angles, composition, but mostly just let it roll and then put it in my macbook, played around a bit in iMovie, and what do you know!  I'm a MOVIE MAKER!   YIPES! Watch out world! I'm on the lose! 

It was so cool and easy to do.  Really, it was.  I created my first movie using iMovie and loved the process!  It's so cool what you can do with still images and video clips.  I realize the new 5d has this capability, but it also has it drawbacks and I love how small and easy this fits into your had to start capturing life around you.  

Best thing?  Apple makes things so freaking easy and understandable, I literally only spent less than 1 hour creating, while under the influence of champange! Try that Windows Vista!

I have my FIRST FEATURE FILM uploaded to youtube, but I think the video is still progressing.  I'll share it later, but in the meantime, enjoy some stills from New Year's Eve.  So much fun!

These 4 always have a good time together.  The girl's got ugg boots and Brooke and Jack got a wii!  Speaking of the wii, I'm sure when I step on the next time, my trainer will yell at me.   I've been walking on my own, but not on the board.  YIPES!  I'll keep you posted what she says.  Hey, maybe I'll even video it.  Oh, boy!

We all chipped in and gave Ida Lee a new TV for Christmas.  Her TV is on of "those" that will quit working in just a few weeks.   She had a great time last night.  :)

Kalyn picked up my camera for quite a few of these last nights.  She's getting so good at this!  I love having  her around to take over from time to time.  Especially since I'm a MOVIE MAKER now.  LOL

Davida got a new robe/pj set from Jason and Emily and it was so soft and pretty.  She kept asking folks to "feel her" and as you can imagine with this bunch, it quickly went "south".  LOL

David got a new jacket.  He's lost so much weight (getting fit) over the last year, much of his wardrobe needs to be replaced.  

Emily and I opening our "video cameras".  The race for the BEST MOVIE is on.  :)

Hey, how do you charge these puppies?

Kalyn took the shot above and I used it in the MOVIE THAT IS COMING SOON!  LOL

Jason got a new mini computer so he can quit stealing his kids laptops.  LOL

I''ll post my FIRST MOVIE EVER down below.  So fun doing this stuff!