cool things

I'm such a visual person.

duh, huh?

So tonight I spent some time getting organized while images were uploading to my new client galleries and I put my weddings for 2009 on  my wall.  Now many of you know we are building a house and are expected to move soon.  I say soon, but it will more than likely be in February/March of 2009.  Once I got my "wedding cards" up on the wall, I realized I'll be moving while photographing 3 weddings almost back to back, all out of town.    

I'm smiling as I type this, because I'm sure my husband will think it's my way of "getting out of the dirty work".  LOL  Last move I was nursing a 6 month old and just couldn't help much.  How do I know?  Just how?

I don't like to hard sale couples at all for choosing me as their photographer.  I rarely make phone calls to clients that are "sitting on the fence" and just know somehow that "higher forces" will handle my schedule much better than me.  If it's right, it's right.

But I'm loving my little cards and every day when I sit down at my computer to "start my day", I will think of all my couples for 2009 and think happy thoughts.  Your images will be edited in my new home.  Surely some slap happy light magic will filter through the BIG shiny windows onto your beautiful images.  :)  

How's that for the hard sale.  LOL

If you would like to book me for you 2009 wedding, CLICK HERE.  You can check my availability HERE.