the BEST game of her life!

I was bummed Friday when I went to a cheerleading party with Summer.  NOT that I didn't enjoy the party, I did.  It was a fun time for the girls.  BUT I missed a basketball game.  And I LOVE basketball!  

This weekend Kalyn's team at Cooper was in a tournament in Lubbock with some great area teams.  We were expecting to do well, but hey, it's hard against 4A and 5a teams like Canyon and Amarillo.  They lost to Amarillo Sandies which is coached by a Slaton girl, Huddleston.  So, Saturday they were teamed against Coronado.  

The game was neck and neck, always within a few points and in the 4th quarter, we were behind by 1 with 38 seconds left when Kalyn turned over the ball (which hardly ever happens, I swear!) and they scored 2 points.  She was devastated!  The game continued until a time out was called and Coach Wren called the girls over and in his passionate way insisted that Tayla get the screen to set Kalyn up for a chance at 3 points.  WOW!  What pressure.  I was photographing and they gym was so loud as Coronado parents and Cooper parents were on their feet SCREAMING!  

The ball was thrown in, the play was ran, and right as the buzzer went off, Kalyn got off her three pointer...


She made the 3 point shot @ the buzzer to tie up the game!  They won in OT and took 3rd place!  WOO HOO!

We were so proud and excited and EXHAUSTED!  I was asked several times if I got the shot.  NO.  I couldn't look.  I held my breath and just watched the net.  Holy MOLY!  What a game!

You can view all the photos HERE on Cooper Pirates Website.