CMS Last Pep Rally

LOVE this!  Summer Zoe had her last pep rally as a 7th Grader.  I can feel the tears welling up inside me, ready to pour out the 2nd she enters high school.  Time is moving fast my friend.

I've enjoyed this "season of cheer" in our family's life.  It's brought new friends into my life, and new friends into Summer's as well.  She has absolutely ADORED cheering!  She's working hard each week to get her tumbling down so that she can make the squad again and keep on cheering.  You go girl!

Here's her squad, (L-R)  Brianna Redden, Miss Summer Zoe, Megan Allen, Nicole Sarabia, Kaiti Haltrom, Sydney Holmes, Alyssa Jarvis, and Sami Smith.

8th Grade Squad 

Crazy dude in the stands LOVING the beat of that JR High's DRUMS!

Lauren and Anna, some good friend's of Miss Zoe's.

More Crazed JR High KIDS!  LOVE their energy!  We should all just go around enjoying life like this.  

Such a great smile on this girl!  They were doing the class screams and she got up off the floor to yell for her grade.  :)

The theme this week was "Super Hero" and Adrian Smith and her family always come up with the cutest skits to entertain the crowd.  This week, our PROUD MASCOT PIRATE was looking pretty cool in the Indiana Jones Jacket and get up!  Very cool indeed!

We love you Miss Summer Zoe!  I, of course, think you are the BEST cheerleader EVER!