lauren + jack

Mr. Barry's granddaughter got married in Slaton Saturday night and I was THRILLED to be photographing the wedding.  It was so much fun seeing many old friends from Slaton!  Mr. Barry is a gentleman who has been coming into my video store for over 15 years.  He makes the BEST mushroom steak you can ever hope to eat and I should know, because he's been feeding me and 1/2 the town of Slaton for years.  Total YUM in my book.

Lauren, his granddaughter, go married out at Ransom Canyon and it was such a great day!  Lots of family and long time friends just made for a wonderful celebration, complete down to the Latino shuffle.  LOL

Lauren's ring was STUNNING.  The shot below was on the mirror at the salon.  Fun stuff!

And her dress was pretty impressive as well.  

Detail shot of the shoes.

Great light on two pretty maids.  

She had so much fun this day!  Lots of smiles and laughter!  

and Champagne!  We can't forget the toasts!

The house the girl's got ready in had amazing light in the master suite, so I made use of it as much as possible. 

They exchanged vows at sunset and it was just simple and pretty.  I like 'em that way.  

And when folks cry?  I'm sold!  Such a great moment!

Yes, it was way too windy for a unity candle, but they still had a great time trying.


The new couple.  

The light was gorgeous that night!

A fun moment immediately after the ceremony.

Love the soft glow of the sunset on the couple.  

More "glowey" goodness.  :)

They didn't get too messy.  

This was a total "awww" moment.  Daddy/daughter dance.

When they opened up the dance floor, I don't think Jacob left it.  Total footwork on this guy!

And in close 2nd was Minnie, the bride's mom.  The girl can move it.  :)

My fav from the day!  This shot feels very romantic to me.  Just a great un-posed moment.  :)

and then a great posed one.  :)  I'll admit it.  As much documentary as I chose to be at a wedding, sometimes you can't pass up the moonlight.  

Okay, I know rice is a tradition, but seriously?  I'm sure it felt like snadblasting their faces.  LOL  

Congratulations you two!  I'm so glad I could be a part of this Great day!  Hope you have a wonderful time in Vegas!