baby william

After hanging with Britteny and Ryan, I had some time to kill before my flight left for home.  I'm so glad I did!  

Emily, the photographer I 2nd shot for this weekend, was hosting her son's William's 1st Birthday!   And I'm amazed at how wonderful she is!  She shot 2 ceremonies in 2 days, a rehearsal, sick as a dog, AND made an adorable b-day cake, all the while keeping her cool being beautiful.  And people think I juggle alot.  LOL

I was so glad I got to be a part of William's first birthday.  I saw many familiar faces, and ate amazing food and even got to visit with a previous bride and groom from 06 who now have 2 kids!  Oh, my!  Was it 06?  

Anyhoo, on to the BDAY boy's party!

of course we had to do a quick mini session before he frosted himself.  :)

The joke of course, is that this is William's first time to ever eat any sugar EVER.  Mom has kept him pure.  But golly, did he ever love it!  At first, he wasn't quite sure, but then, digging in city.  LOL

Of course, he needed help opening all his presents and I giggled when I saw this shot on the screen after I took it.  
William's first birthday was filled with lots of love and laughter.  

Safe and fun one year old toy.

fun, yet scary one year old toy.  (keep scrolling down)

checking out that toy, with Gramps in the back ground ready to save him.  

Jonathan, Emily and William, I wish you many happy days just like this one, with only one difference.  Mom healthy.  :)

Love you guys!!!!