stephanie + jason (the wedding)

I don't normally post a bride with her maids at the beginning of a blog post.  And I would haven't have here except for CRAZY internet problems.  YIPES!

Saturday, Stephanie and Jason got married.  :)  It was a great day!! Every photographer should have a "Stephanie" in their year of weddings.  She's the bright spot in any lens!  OMG(osh)!  The girl is animated!  I know I did not do her "Lucille Ball" justice.  YOU just can't capture all that energy in one blog post.  

It was a great day and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it.  

Enjoy!  The rest of the sneak peek is HERE.

Barbie is such a lap doll.

See what I mean about animated as you scroll through these "before" shots.  :)

The church in Amherst was AWESOME!   For an old family church, it ROCKED.  :)  And Stephanie's dress?  Probably one of my favorites of the year.  Just total romance.  

This shot above is one of my favs EVER.  I know, very simple and yeah, you would probably have to be there to totally get how I feel about it, but the look on Stephanie's face with her dress waiting in the background, says it all.  I think there's so much to do to prepare for a wedding, for that day, that it sometimes leaves you no time to think about what you are about to do.  Which is change forever.  WOW!  You can just see her gears changing as she thinks about what she's about to do.  NOT that she doesn't absolutely adore Jason, because she does.  But you are so crazy busy, there's not time to breathe and absorb the moment.  She was definitely absorbing it.  

 Now Jason, below?  He's rocking along just fine.  LOL

More of the girls.  The front of the church was a perfect place for group formals.

They all look AWESOME! 

But Stephanie?  OMG!  Check out those killer eyes!   Total glamor girl today, baby.  :)

I think the back is why I love this dress.  So, so pretty.

Jason has great eyes, as well.  

Stephanie's dad and her daughter, Lexi walked her down the aisle.  

I love it when a guy cries!  

This charming little fellow below is Gus.  So, so cute!

The vows always make for great photographs.  Especially when you have a church that lets you get in there from several angles.  Like I said before, THIS CHURCH ROCKS!  

This was taken between the candles.

The kiss.

and the happy hugs!

I LOVE this shot of the grandparents after the ceremony.  :)

Lifelong friends of the bride, getting in their congratulations.  

The happy couple.

Still happy.  

I can't pass up beautiful light.  :)

The reception was held at the Reese Center in Lubbock.  A short drive from the church, like 45 minutes or so.  The bride's aunt made all the cakes and she did a fantastic job!  You know me, of course I tasted them!

This one below was Lexi's, the bride's daughter that has the most fabulous hair in the entire world!
First dance.

First toast.  :)

A player for sure, don't you think?

Stephanie LOVES fun and funky socks.  So, what else would be under that gown?

This little girl LOVED the dj's lights.  She was mesmerized.  I just loved the light hitting her face.  :)

And yes, they had karaoke!  This is the guys trying out that Top Gun Song, You Lost that Loving Feeling, complete with the high notes, I'm telling you!

Guests getting their groove on.

Stephanie and her mom, getting their groove on!

The getaway car.

A great night for a great couple!  Congratulations you two!  Many happy moons in Mexico!  Hug those dogs for me.  ;)