cooper vs idalou

Check out this cheerleader! She did so AWESOME Thursday night! Check these facial expressions out people!!!!

I'm totally hearing Kim Mosser's voice in my head just watching my kid. WE CHEERED OUR *@SES OFF! LOL

And she really did.

I spent Thursday night trying to shoot football. I do so much better with pretty brides, I really do. But I think I sqeezed out a few keepers. :)


Quick move in the back field. Wow! Impressive. I think he even managed to gain a yard or two.

A little facemask action but no flag was thrown. These guys are still learning.

Kash Kitten getting ready for his game. He had an ankle taped, I think? LOL

Disappointment. He really did almost catch it. :)

Some of Summer Zoe's friends enjoying the game. :)

Fun group of fans all decked out for the game! Looks like 23 is pretty popular around here.

Oh, how I wish I had more of the left hand side of this image. I'm sure there was some major action going on just a bit more left. I'm learning that's for sure.

Beautiful night for a game.

Brady with some new "girl friends". This little guy is such a cutie pootie he never has a shortage of laps. :)

I actually managed to take a few decent shots of football! I surprised myself. But once the sun went down, it got pretty tough.

This is Ashton Coll and we shot together last week for volleyball. She is Marley, McClane and McCall's cousin from New Mexico and she's so much fun to shoot with. YEARS between us, I won't mention how many, but I could so hang with her all day. :) (sending you some love Ashton, cuz I know you read the blog!) Go hit her blog and show her some love. :) CLICK HERE

Beautiful night, like I said above.

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