kayla + matt

I have so much to share and blog and do. As other's are pouring out their hearts and minds on their blogs, I can think of nothing else but summer time and movies and editing. It's what I live and breathe this week.

I'm dying to share Washington DC photos, AND add more images to facebook so all my clients that facebook can "tag themselves", but time just seems to slip away and there's never enough of it. I hate that, but relish in the fact that I'm home with my kids and involved in their lives, and making memories. We are "fixing to" watch Raiders of the Lost Ark, a great movie that I think they are ready for, plus I'm dying to see the new one.

So, I share with you today, Matt and Kayla. I found Kayla through my GREAT nephew Jack. He's been crusing on her for as long as I can remember, and when Kayla got engaged, she asked her "boyfriend" to be her ring bearer, and he happily said yes. Through Jack, Kayla's mom found me. And I'm so glad she did. We had a great family weekend all the way around and it was such a pleasure to witness the closeness of this family and get a bit of a glimpse at how my day might be as a "Mom of the Bride". Lots of laughs and tears, I'm sure.

So, enjoy the sneak peek and don't forget about the rest on their gallery. Just click the link below.


Matt is an AIRMAN, so when I parked behind Kayla's ride, what esle but this on the back glass.

Lots of hugs this day. :) We started at Kayla's house with the bridesmaid pigging out on some chick-fila. YUM!

This shot below is of Rachel, Kayla's baby sister. Her and my neice, Brooke play on the same soccer team. Go SPIRIT! She had beautiful, long chestnut colored hair that just curled and curled and curled. LOVELY!

This is Matt's sister with the "poodle do". I finally found a girl that embrasses and LOVES her curly hair! Kayla and her mom were having a "teary" moment when she popped around the corner to show off the "poodle do". :)

The 3 sisters together one last time!

Matt, taking a moment alone before the choas of the evening.

None other than JACK ATTACK! I love this dude! So much energy and heat wrapped up into a cool little dude. You just wanna squeeze those cheeks!

How many girls does it take to get a bride dressed?

Susan, Kayla's mom seeing her in her dress, ready for her walk down the aisle. I LOVE how she's taking it all in. :)

A beautiful bride!

And several lovely maids!

They kept the center aisle free from guests, just waiting for the bridal party.

Maids discussing what to do.

Kayla and her dad on the walk down the aisle! Just look at that face!

Beautiful YUMMY Cake!

me and FLASH BOY! Watch out Stephanie! He's pretty good. Or at least until the DJ played Soldier Boy, then I lost him. sigh

What a day! So much fun!