I've been seeing this veiw a BUNCH lately. And not that I'm complaining, but it's hard to be gone from your family over and over again. But I will always have WASHINGTON. Yep. Me and Kalyn Marie went to Washington, DC with her 8th grade class. So MUCH fun! And so exhausting!

I'll share a few here, mainly because the kids are wanting to tag themselves on FACEBOOK But it's fun to look back on my blog and see a personal diary perhaps of "what I've done". And this is a definte addition to some cool stuff.

Washington is all about the monuments. They are AWESOME! They are huge and amazing and so cool to go and see. And I'm not a big monument person, but I enjoyed them. I think I enjoyed the design and lighting and the words involved. We had a tour guide with us some of the time, but not always and we walked ALOT. But we also had a way cool bus driver named Charlie and it was great to have an anirconditioned seat to get to into between tours.

This shot below is of Bush Gardens which we hit Day 2 on our trip. SO much fun! And one of the prettiest parks I've ever been too. My favorite roller coaster there was by far the Griffin. Funny story. I hung out most of the day with Kalyn, Rebekah, Danielle and Eric. Of course they ditched me for a bit, but hey, I don't blame them. I'm a "mom" and I'm sure was cramping their "boy chasing style", but when we did ride, we rode the Griffin first. We rate all coasters on a scale from 1-5 with 5 being the best in dips, speed, smoothness, and SCARE factor. Well, in line waiting to ride the Griffin, our first coaster of the day, Danielle is excited and tells me this is her first roller coaster ride. EVER. My jaw drops and I think, OM Golly! Talk about raising the coaster bar high? And what if she gets scared and won't ride the rest of the day? What then? WEll, I'm happy to report she did GREAT! You'll see a pic below. :)

But first, like I said, beautiful park! I took this shot while walking around looking for the kids that ditched it.

Danielle, after her first coaster ride! Way to go Danielle!

Here's my coaster pals. :)

Okay, I'm getting a bit out of order here. We went to the zoo one day and I have a vivid memory of this young lady. She was totally showing off for the boys on the other side of the glass. Totally flirting and begging them to take her pictures. What a flirt!

Beautiful designs in Washington. This is the Treasury Department building.

Our flirt again.

Where the Pres works. :)

This last picture is of the Air Force Memorial. It is such a HUGE memorial in that it's hard to get a shot of the entire image. We kept seeing it off in the distance, but didn't see it until the last day. Up close it's quite breathtaking.

I will post many more online and if you were a person on this trip, give me a call and I'll gladly burn you a disc. AND if you have the chance to go with World Strides on a Class Trip, I highly recommend it. Such a great (exhausting) time. :)