zac and megan (the wedding)

I had the best time yesterday! For one, it's a wedding. Hello! No brainer for mushy photographer girl. LOVE weddings! For two, Megan, the bride was an absolute blast to be around. Her energy was so infectious I could just hang all day and never get tired. Which was good, because they partied late into the evening. Easy to do when you have friends and fun around.

Enjoy the sneak peek! There's more on their website.


Megan had a great morning. (after a really late night) and she was like this all day. Happy and excited all rolled into one. Well, at least until about 30 minutes before, and then she got a bit tense.

The guys are always easy to photograph when you want relaxed, fun portraits.

Okay, the eyebrow thing. I have this theory that only guys can do this. I have found one girl so far, a graduate I photographed this spring, but for the most part? Guys have more muscles than girls in the eyebrow region. Here's Zac working his muscular region.

LOVE this little girl. Too cute!

A bit shy.

Totally Megan!

She really enjoyed the cake cutting.

I asked Megan's sister before the toasts if she was prepared, and she poked her heart and said, yep. It was definitely from the heart and a perfect toast. Tears, laughter, just right. :)

a dance with Dad.

a dance with each other.

a very tired guest.