rana and bradley (the wedding!)

It's windy today. And do you know what that means? Yep. No internet for me. Makes me sad when I can't blog. And mad. But by 10:30 PM tonight it had died down long enough for me to share Rana and Bradley's wedding with you! YIPEE! As always, the rest are on their gallery


Just click the link above to view EVERYTHING. Here's my sneak peek!

I ran into Rana that morning coming out of the reception hall. Yep. Jones soda with my images on it. LOVE THIS!!!!

Her dress was absolutely stunning! I LOVED how it shimmered and hugged her body and the "bling" on the back was just perfect!

The ring that started this day! From Tiffany's of course!

Funny moment. You know how you need things, and your boyfriend just happens to be at Walmart and your friends needs things too? And you give him the list.


control top pantyhose
earring backs

Poor guy!

Great moment between Rana and her MOH, Tiffany.

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the bouquets! Rana and her mom saw a similar one at a bridal store for $1000's of dollars. Well, Bethe being Bethe, made Rana's and every single bridesmaids bouquet! They were amazing! And best of all, the works of art will not die and they can keep them forever. LOVE that!

Rana is Miss New Mexico 2003 and she's even been in Miss America! WOW! So, the girl has been all "dolled up" before, but something about being a bride is different. And it certainly wasn't lost on her! I LOVE this image below and how excited she was to be a BRIDE!

New perfume for a new bride!

And of course the shoes! The ironing board served as a great backdrop by the window.

Quick portrait before meeting Bradley. I swear you can't take a bad picture of this woman. You just can't. :)

The cake was AMAZING! HUGE TOWER OF CUPCAKES! Did you read that? Cupcakes with bling on top. YUM

Rana walking to see Bradley.

Bradley seeing his bride for the first time.

We took the formals before the ceremony. I will always honor the couple's wishes. It's their day, their way. I'm just happy to be a part of it. We took advantage of this and photographed the two of them together alone.

Baby! Baby! He is My Mr. BIG 10 years younger! LOVE this shot of Bradley throwing me to the LOOK. Total YUM! Check out that gaze!

The rest of the studs. :)

Parasols! How cool is this?

Being a bride is tough. Rana was wiped. A few quiet moments and then it's time to walk that aisle for real.

She pepped up pretty quick!

LOVE this one!

You know me and the mush stuff. First dances are usually the time I cry and sigh. Even if they just rock back and forth like 7th graders, I LOVE first dances. Rana and Bradley danced and definitely not like 7th graders!

The current Miss New Mexico caught the bouquet!!! And for a little bitty thing, she can rumble!

A quick good bye from Mom.

and off to Mexico!

Rana and Bradley, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this! I LOVED every minute of it!