christy penn

I'm dragging her out.  Yep.  I was going to link to her blog, but she hasn't blogged yet, and with her ROCKIN' 85 1.2, I know she has some sweet shots to share.  So, "yoo hoo", Christy!  Quit holding out on us.  :)

Christy Penn 2nd shot with me this past weekend at Rana and Bradley's wedding.  And me being "off my game" did not get one single shot of us together.  Can you believe?  geez...

She did an AWESOME job and it is always so much fun to have folks along to share the time with.  The videographer, Starla was great too.  And I don't always say that about video people, do I Toni?

I have more sneak peeks coming from several grad sessions and a rocking esession with a 4x4 jacked up BRIGHT yellow Ford!  

Later gators.