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Last night we celebrated Ida Lee's 93rd birthday at the 50 Yard Line in Lubbock. The family all gathered together, minus Davida (we missed you!) and had a wonderful time together.

Ida Lee's 92nd Birthday

I included that link so you could see how things have changed in a year. Mainly in the kids, because Ida Lee looks the same! Amazing! I think many refer to her as THE ROCK and I beginning to think that's totally what she's made of to have lasted this long on God's Earth.

We love you Ida Lee! I'll uploading pictures to my lab right now for you to have and take to quilting next week.

On a side note, the pictures here are not that "bueno", due to me thinking 4 bloody mary's might be good. LOL But I had to include these two precious images of Garett and Kate. I sat next to him at dinner and Kate crawled up on his lap and he started singing in her ear. It was so sweet. He had no idea I could hear him, let alone think I was taking pictures! I really would have loved to use my flash, but was afraid he would stop singing to her. Such a great moment.

On to the photos!

I don't know about your kids, blog readers, but mine are addicted to the Electronic Age we live in. How's this for available light. Kalyn in the back seat of my Yukon playing her Nintendo DS.

Choice of wine for the evening. I had a sip and yes it was very yummy.

The wonderful cake Aunt Barbara made. We gave up sweets for lent, my little family and we were so looking forward to eating cake today! We ALWAYS make an exception for Ida Lee's Birthday. LOL It didn't disappoint!

Ida Lee will HATE this pictures. But the "family paparazzi" were fighting for best angle and position.

The Annual Grandkids and Great-Grandma shot! So much fun!

Here we go! The candle lighting takes a bit and we needed all the helping hands we could get. LOL

Okay, I absolutely ADORE this shot! Check out Dalton going through the motions with his mouth too. So much fun!

Happy Birthday, Ida Lee!