5 things I LOVE right now

The Cyber Sisters are back! I belong to a group of 10+ women that used to weekly blog on a topic chose by one, to keep us all rolling along on our blogs. It's a great way to get to know people and find out more about them.

The girls blogs can all be found on the side bar link to the right. (in just about 5 minutes after I post this blog post anyway...)

Our topic this week is "5 things we love right now". I think? We had a similar topic last year, but it was 5 things we love. I chose my things as something I loved that I've used in the past week. Something I absolutely love and has helped me through my week.

So, I held the sappy, "family and friends" category, because let's face it. Everyone loves their family and friends. And not to belittle those Cyber Sista's that have blogged that, you know I love you girls! But I wanted to share some things I love that would give you a bit of insight into me.

so, here they are in no particular order.

1. My new Bose Sound dock for my ipod. I LOVE this! David and Davida got this for me for Christmas and it really is the BEST. Good clear sound that fills the room and it has a nifty remote so I don't even have to get up and change the playlist. I have mine in my office on a hope chest, and when I'm cooking in the kitchen, it fills that room with tunes too.

2. JPG Magazine. I LOVE this concept and have really enjoyed subscribing to this. It an online magazine that is published every other month. The member decide what photos will be published. Very cool idea and concept and I'm constantly inspired by what's between the covers. Go and check it out see what you think.

3. My macbook. It's been a life saver for me since I've been pulling shifts at my store. I can check email, upload blog posts, read blogs. Surf the web, but mainly upload orders because my internet connection at the house SUCKS. LOL This little puppy is tiny, light weight, and wireless. Best thing about it? It's cool that it has everything my phone has and MORE so I can easily work from the store, and when I get home, there it is again.

4. My foof pad for my lap top is something I utterly ADORE. I hate carrying a big laptop bag and this little puppy will hold my macbook and look ultra cool to boot. You can order one yourself, right HERE.

5. I LOVE Friday Night Lights! A fellow DWFer turned me on to this when I was griping about missing my Grey's. You can download episodes or by the DVD, but I watch free online and let it run while I'm working on the main PC. Great show! Great cast and such a great game!

That does it for this week! I'll try and put all the Sista's on here tomorrow so you can see what 5 things they are in love with. They are a very cool bunch of girls.

ta ta