I'm back

I'm still downloading my 20 gigs worth of data from Kayla and Clint's fabulous wedding! Total YUM in my book. I will post the wedding sneak peek in just a bit, but for now, enjoy the rehearsal dinner and my first wedding weekend from 2008. I'm loving it so far!

The beautiful bride and her merry maids. They didn't plan to color coordinate, but isn't it so cool that they did.

Kayla and her baby sister, Mercy.

The wedding took place at Mid-Cities Community Church. I first photographed here back when Amy and Michael got married in 2006. It's changed very little and the lighting there is just superb! I love finding the nooks and crannies of available light and can't wait to show your the bridals we took early in the day. Kayla totally ROCKED them!

Clint is the quiet, yes, I just typed that, type. Until he isn't. And then is total laugh city! You can totally read it in his body language here.

The conservatory was just glowing and I stole them away for a quick photo shoot before the light was asleep. I'm so glad I did!

After running through the details twice, it was onto to the dinner! I had my own spot and my own name tag that is now in my gear bag. I love it! Maybe I'll photograph it later to show off Kayla's designer talents. Then again, just wait for the wedding sneak peek because that girl had her talent showing everywhere!

Clint's parents really showed some extra love and care by decorating our dinner place very nicely. It was chilly outside, but the warm glow of candles filled the room.

The lovely couple!

Kayla and Clint gave family members framed portraits from our FABULOUS e-session together. So cool! Everyone received a different print to make the gift even more personal.

The entire weekend was very Christ centered. From the prayers, to the blessings from the fathers, to the thanks given at every turn of emotion. Just a blessing to me to be a part of this.

Jermayne was the BOMB, edgy MC of the weekend. Him and his wife are good friends with the bride and groom and helped out during the busy weekend. They were my table guests and kept the conversation lively.

Check back soon for the wedding sneak peek.