Merry Christmas

I have not blogged in FOREVER! But I've been busy working on albums, orders and Christmas Cards for my clients. This year is our BIG Bednarz Christmas as Devin's cousins visit from Wisconsin. We all have so much fun together just enjoying the Christmas Season. But things are moving so fast for me this season, I haven't even caught my breath a time or two to sit and just breathe. Does anyone ever do that anymore? I wonder.

Holiday Schedule (for those of you interested)

December 22nd - January 13th
I'm taking off to spend time with my family AND photographing 3 weddings during this time. So, if I'm difficult to reach, this could be why. I will be answering emails of course and any orders placed during that time will be completed. So, it's not REALLY a vacation, but hey, until I'm flat on my back on the beach with something that entails a paper umbrella, it's close enough.

Oh, and so I can leave you with tons of photos to oogle and ahhh, Julie's "Be Merry" Party. How could I have forgotten to blog this! Julie's Party! She started this tradition last year and I'm so glad she did this again. I LOVE her parties!

Her beautiful home all Merry and Brite for Christmas!

Love this shot of her front door, and if I had half a mind, I'd make it my Christmas Card. LOL

The rest of these photographs are what happens to parents when their children leave them unattended. We act crazy and really need to be kept under lock and key.

Merry Christmas Everyone!