Merry Christmas from the 5d


You know me. I love to blog the photos and I've shared from the iphone, but now, for some serious Holiday Blogging. At this point in my chronological telling of the Bednarz Family Christmas, we are 1 day away from Christmas. It's the Sunday before and all the traveling folks are making their way to David and Davida's. Once there, I try to take a few photos to mark the occasion before I have one to many "holiday cheers". Jack, my adorable, energetic nephew helped me tremendously document this night.

I get home, download the cards and there are over 500 images! OMG! I quickly thumbed through them in Picasa, which I LOVE for culling images on PC. And seriously folks, there were less than 100 keepers, but hey, he'll get the hang soon! I'll try and let you know which one are his, mine, and various other shooters that love to grab my camera.

Kalyn took this one, and it's a definite descriptive term of just how the evening felt. Very JOYFUL!

This is Kalyn and Summer on Saturday evening when we attended St. Joseph Christmas Novena mass. It's the only one we made this year and I'm so bummed. I really want to make an honest effort to take advantage of what our church offers all of us weary souls during the next Advent season. It's so refreshing to go and receive the mass each day. I know this deep in my soul, and yet I only made one out of the week. NEXT YEAR!

Our beautiful church, St. Joseph. I married Devin here and baptized both my girls. It's such a great place for us and I always feel welcome and like I'm home. I hope we can always attend here.
The matriarch of the Bednarz Clan. This is Devin's Grandmother, Ida Lee Bednarz. She's in the hospital as I type this with a broken hip and in tons of pain while they wait for her doctor to arrive back in Lubbock. Say a prayer! As with anyone undergoing surgery, it can be especially difficult and there's always a risk. But especially so with someone who's in her 90's. It's really put a damper on the folks here visiting and we are nervous and scared, yet relying on our faith that things will be OK.

I made "poppers" to take to David and Davida's and I about DIED peeling the hot stuff out of the inside. Over 120 were wrapped and ready for the grill. YUM!

Ahh....excited about my new Jcrew ballet flats and Kalyn is very excited because we almost wear the same size! YIPEE! Now if I could just fit into her jeans.

The clan that never sleeps. Seriously, they came home with me later and we were up until 3 am. I'm exhausted! Which you can quickly see in my eyes, hair, body, etc. in all the next shots including me. LOL I'm a worn out HAG of a woman that desperately needs a vacation. I'm thinking I ship all the kids to Grandma's tonight and I sleep. Yep. That's the plan.

Speaking of,'s Davida with Jason.
Now Jack has the camera and keeps it for quite some time. He did pretty good actually.

Our good friends Gayla and Bux came over to celebrate with us. Reaghan is our Godson and of course the girls were all over that babe!

The Hanson Family arrived!

This is Al, and exchange student that is staying with them and we got to spend the Holidays with her. She's very cool.

They finished the night off with Poker and proceeded to do so almost every night they've been here. I don't play, but my hubby does, but he's pretty zonked this year too, so I think he will LOVE the idea of Grandma keeping kids. LOL

More later! I'm off to run errands and to see about video chatting with the family now that they have all received their video cams Santa gave them from Texas! LOL