the heinrich sisters

WARNING: YOU CAN NOT TELL NANCY! Yeah, I'm laughing typing those words, because not telling Nancy something is almost next to impossible. So, this blog post is sort of a "test" of sorts, to see how many friends of Nancy actually read this blog. Hmm...this will be interesting. LOL

Back in 1987, I first met Mary Katherine on Crosby Street when I was visiting my "boyfriend" Devin for the summer. I was meeting his family for the first time and meeting his neighbors. Small towns are just that way. They can sniff out us newbies in a minute. LOL

Devin grew up next to these girls and they have so many memories together. Meet, Amy, Mary Katherine (whom I've always called MK) and Allyson. If you know their mother, you are sworn to secrecy to NOT tell her about these portraits and how utterly beautiful they are! I only took the photos, these beauties did the rest.

They wanted to give their mom and dad something special for their upcoming anniversary and we met last night and hit East Lubbock for that YUMMY light I love.