BIG Bednarz Christmas (iphone)

Jason and Me

Everyone had cameras yesterday and I'm dying to see all images, but since I'm basically the only one in the Bednarz family that blogs, it may be months, days, even years. sigh Maybe next year I can sign up everyone for a blogger account and show them on my laptop how to get started.

Here's a few photos off my iphone. I'll blog the REAL photos from my 5d later on. Today is a day OFF. And I'm really looking forward to it. (translation...still in pj's.)


Emily, my ultra cool, sister-in-law, who hates this photo. What better place for it, right?

Summer and Bridgette (Brisket)

Okay, when you see the 5d pictures you will understand the depth of competition much better. But this family has down town, so what do you do? You scooter race in the garage of course! LOL

More later...