grey's anatomy (last week)

I know I went a bit crazy on my last Grey's post. I'll admit it. But I love Grey's. Love it like a bad boyfriend.

I won't blog nearly as long as I did, and for some of you, you will be sad, but it will keep the emails and comments down about "someone being obsessed" or "really needing a break", and my husband might actually keep reading my blog if I keep it under 2 hours of reading time.

First some quick notes from last week's episode and then, only then will I get into the emotional wreck of a show this week. ALEX SLEPT WITH LEXI? Omg...

  • "She's sleeping with my husband." I think those were Callie's words last week. She totally dished Izzie when the residents were all lined up and just refused to speak to her. EVERYONE knows that they slept together now. I can't believe Izzie could keep that emotional roller coaster under wraps. She's usually wearing them on her sleeve and begging everyone to notice.
  • Meredith bring her "mommy" to work. cubby? or your car? and then finally putting her to rest with the Chief present. I loved that. I really love Meredith, too. She's totally growing up this season. I don't think she has really dealt with her own death or her mother's so this is good, very good. And all she was saying last season is "I'm fine". Now she's moving past the denial and growing. Good for you Mere.
  • Sloan and the nurses. They all are onto him and it only took one season? Wow. Smart nurses. I'm not so sure me in the same job would have snubbed him. He could be a good way to get through the day and who cares if it's the same line he used on the heart nurse on floor 4? Who cares? It's a line! And it's being said/used on me!
  • Ava and Alex. GREAT! She hunted him down, asked him why he never came to find her and STILL jumped his bones. Way to go Ava! You know she's been fantasizing about him for eons and eons up in those mountains. So, now she knows and because her baby sleeps better with her shirt, she's leaving her tops everywhere and saving insomniacs all over Seattle! What a woman! And Alex? He's the character I really want to love more and really want to root for. But if he's going to start up something with Lexi, I may have to hate him again. Come on writers! Give us a bit more of a glimpse into how he's ticking and I'll forgive the flings. But he so should be with Ava. Make him go find her again!
  • Dude chopping of his leg with the chainsaw. That was gruesome! And wicked! And we never did dive into his psych and find out seriously why the hell he did that? I seriously thought in the previews before that it might have been a transplanted leg from a donor or something. But they just left it. That was it. Nothing. Or maybe he was just thrown in for the Halloween, TX Chainsaw theme? Who knows?
  • Daddy/Daughter Heart Donor thing was very good. George did a great job talking to the dude. I still don't' think I could have made the same decision, however, when George gave that speech, the one where he talked about his dad, I was a goner. Yep. That was my cry this week.
  • Yang and the new female Burke. Her comment, "if you had the chops in the OR you wouldn't need to sleep with them in the bedroom." You know, last season I really didn't like this Erica Haun person. But this season, I like her!
  • Norman's Stroke. He was feeling bad, and Alex is dissing him for some "on call" sex with Ava and then Norman strokes out and he thinks it's destiny that made him want to go back to school and become a surgeon. His wife from the grave speaking to him from beyond! Um...yeah. Let's pull in the over 60 demographic for this story line, but I'm not buying it at all. I'm sad that they are placing him in psych and we don't get to see him each week anymore. He was interesting. I liked Norm.
  • Meredith and her trick-or-treating for ears. It was a good story line, the pro bono, although it would have been nice/creative/witty to have brought his single mom to the episode and have her flirt with Mark. You know, sex for ears or something like that. And then maybe they could tie in the nurses that are starting the "I survived Mc Steamy". That would have been cool. Any scene with Mark is a great scene and eye candy is always good for "magic" later. LOL This "treating ears" thing was a good way to show Bailey's marriage trouble too. I mean, of course she would be having marriage trouble. She's always at work, and everyone else at Seattle Grace has miserable relationships.
Okay, so now I watch this week's episode! I'll try and blog right after instead of making you wait a week. As always, comments are good! It helps me feel, so not alone in my obsession. LOL