Grey's (4)

I watched last night in the middle of my turkey coma, and I took notes, but could not bring myself to blog last night. I had to remove myself first, distance myself from what I saw. Recover from that abrupt ending! I mean, come on! We knew Mr. Sean Austin was going to bleed out at some point, but see it like that? And then for it to just END, stop. Oh, my! It was CRAZY!

Okay, so great episode. And if you remember right, I'm rating them. The only reason for the 4 rating, (scale from 1-5), the sick factor. Too much blood! I don't watch horror movies and I don't even like to watch medical reality shows. So, last night's cartoid artery was too intense for me. Way too intense.

But, let's back up a bit. Let's back way up and just realize how much better in bed Christina must be compared to Meredith. Oh, wait. I mean dancer. LOL Christina was jamming and dancing very well for an Asian girl and then there's Meredith, finally joining in and so not on beat or even the rhythm in her head. Just lame, really. But funny, too. Extremely funny. I'm now OK with McDreamy and that nurse being friends. Mainly because she can probably dance and so won't embarass him. But wait? He was a band geek, right? So, if he can't dance, maybe him and Meredith are really made for each other. LOL

And what is up with Christina showing up at Meredith's anyway? This is so not her. Just showing up and hanging out in the morning before work? I'm thinking no. She would, if Meredith called needing a "person" moment, "okay, meet me in the parking lot." But I loved it! I loved the scene. And I loved Izzie getting all jealous of the two of them. That was great.

Quotes: I can only remember a few because the episode got so intense I forgot to jot them down.
  • They look scared. If I do die, it will have been lovely meeting you all.
  • I know this is going to sound weird, but can you get me a guy doctor.
  • What, are we on a date here?
I know I've mentioned intense, but isn't that exactly how you felt when watching? The ambulance wreck was so INSANE! I sat with my mouth open. And the speed of the episode just increased from there. The only time I felt like I could breathe, and I really couldn't because the threat was there under his bandage, was when Lexi was with bleeder dude. They were talking, flirting, discussing. And even though you knew he could blow any second, you had the chance to catch your breath from all the emotion.

And by emotion I mean emotion with Stan and his scenes. Once I got past the greusomeness, it was so utterly sad to know that you couldnt' do anything. Here's these two friends, hurt and dying and both trained in the medical field to know how dangerous things were and to know Stan is going to die once they move the ambulance. I totally lost it when they brought out his wife and all she could say is "baby". And she did it like a question. You know like, "Baby? What are you doing there? We are skilled medical professionals? You can't be dying?"

And they both did NOT want Meredith to leave. Why do people in intense pain want Meredith there? Are her eyes full of invisible Morophine? Does she have that much power over men? Is that why McDreamy is always drawn to her?

Oh, and Ava shows up and demands to be in the gallery to watch Alex work. And guess who comes in and sits by her? Uh, huh....LEXI. Just a few hours after kissing Alex in the hallway after telling him, "I'm not speaking to you". I mean what else do you do with someone you are not talking to but kiss. Right? That's what I would do.

Of course, Ava and Lexi figure it out. They both find out they have the same boyfriend. Go figure. I mean, girls are not stupid, Alex.

I haven't talked about Bailey. We've seen Meredith and the Intern/now residences home lives on the show, and some of Christina. And this season, we are seeing how Derek and the Chief live. We've even seen George and Izzie's "bathroom fantasy", and saw how desperately Meredith needs to remodel. But this week, this was a first. We got to see of Tuck and his dad and how little Bailey is physically there for them. She has a house husband, and they are going to have lunch together today. And as we watch, we realize this just won't happen. We know there will be SOMETHING to stop that. Something that will cause her marriage to crumble a bit more. I hate that (and hurt) for Miranda.

I loved her this episode. She redeemed herself to me from last weeks weakness, in her strength to "rise above" and even call on Jesus so that she could be better than the White Supremist. I've never thought about that for an episode and never once to I even connect with the Natzi nickname, and him, until she said that to her Interns. Wow. Great story.

Great episode.

Until next week.